Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Insta-studio Love

Everything's in. Moving things around tomorrow.

Oh how quickly I'm learning what a challenge those bright windows are going to be when it comes to taking studio photos. I haven't really taken the time yet to shoot with my Nikon much, but if the struggles my iPhone is having is any indication of what's to come, it should be quite the learning experience. So much light pours in that everything not in the light looks pitch black, even though the room is quite bright. I'm babbling though. I can do some research on this photographic situation when I'm better settled and past my deadlines.

Glass station

In the short time that Lauren and I spent at the new studio yesterday, I just had to set up my lampworking station. It was all I could think about and I think it was my heart and mind's way of saying what they truly want to be focused on. It's especially obvious when you know that all these pending deadlines this week are finished jewelry related, not lampworking, and I have yet to set up the jewelry stuff. EEK! I hope to get more time for set up today and start to tackle a project or two. A proper studio tour is definitely on hold for a bit, but I'm getting there.

Jewelry station in progress

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