Monday, April 09, 2012

Moving Day?

break 1

:: it's Spring Break... we're being lazy... at least for the next couple of hours
:: it's *supposed* to be studio moving day... as of Thursday, Saturday was moving day, then Friday said it was Monday (today)... we'll see
:: I hate limbo... my over planning personality wants things to happen at set times a set way
:: Easter was nice... we went up to my sister's for a simple lunch and we went for a walk down Oxford St where there are 85 sugar magnolia trees in bloom... the weather was delightful
:: we had a little Masters party on Saturday and I bought a chocolate cream pie from Wegmans... I had several slices throughout the day yesterday
:: the Easter Bunny stuffed eggs with Rice Krispie Treats this year...
:: there are still 5 eggs missing... hmmm... wonder where they were hidden
:: got an awesome email on Friday that I can't wait to share with y'all
:: I totally plan on recreating this photo in the new studio... with Lauren, now that she is an expert cart wheeler like her Momma

break 2


Rosanne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. Love the rice krispies can only eat so many hard boiled!

Hopemore Studio said...

I always wonder too..where do the missing eggs go?!? Guess I can be thankful we don't hide the hard boiled eggs, would hate to find those in a few weeks time. Looking forward to the new studio pics... when the time and energy coincide.

Cindy said...

Find any more of those missing eggs? Pretty good that you can account for how many are missing! I think the kids found some eggs this year that were actually well-hidden from LAST year! :-0
Good luck this week with Spring Break. We went to the paint-your-own pottery place for the afternoon - but with 5 painters, that turned out to be quite expensive.
I LOVE that last picture with the colorful eggs all in a circle!