Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to sanity

The boys are off to school and Ron went off to work. Lauren is watching some new cartoons on PBS and I have a nice cup of coffee while answering emails... things are finally back to normal. *sigh*

Yesterday turned out to be a bad bead day. There are always going to be days were beads just won't be right. Colors weren't working, things didn't want to be round, patterns were weird. Just a plain old "Bad Bead Day". So I filled an order for a custom glass knob instead and it turned out awesome! It is just like the "Seeing Spots" knob with puprle instead of yellow. It is going on a closet door in a little girl's room. Sweet. I also worked on an interesting "rebuild" project. My cousin gave me a bracelet to "remake" for her. It was one her brother's girlfriend got for her in Italy. It just wasn't right for her and it was much too big so I had fun remodling it for her. And that is today's photo. Audrey loves red! Now that I think about it, I really should have taken before and after photos. Originally it was just the two rectangle glass beads and the small round red ones. It was a plain straight stringing. I turned it in to "links" and added a few of my red beads, a few spirl swirls and TADA!

Today will hopefully be a quiet one. The house needs to be picked up, laundry folded... and the boring mundane usual things. I am hoping my Mom will stop by later and have a tea party with Lauren so I can make beads! Fingers crossed... today will be a better bead making day!

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