Monday, January 23, 2006


I don't have any fun exciting news to report. Things are kinda quiet around here. I am really excited about going to pick up my car in a few hours. And of course, "24" is on tonight. My current most favorite show!

We had a conference with Andrew's teachers this morning and an appointment with his doctor this afternoon. We are really struggling with behavoir issue and we are trying to get some help. We are going to have him evaluated though Strong Memorial Children's Hospital. Hopefully they can give us some insites and stradgies to help us with Andrew. I know you are coming to my blog to see new jewelry and exciting sneak peeks at new bead auctions... not to read boring mundane things like this... but oh well. That's my life.

I am planning on getting in some torch time tomorrow night. I have a few orders to work on and a couple of new Zoozii tools to play with! I forgot to mention that.... my Mom gave me my birthday present early! I have two new Zoozii tools, a lentil trio (smaller then my current one! will be great for earrings) and a heart duo. As a Valentine's baby, she couldn't resist getting me a heart one! I will post beads when I have them!

In the meantime... in joy this photo from our family "Fall Walk"! This is a photo I took at the falls on the "Old Mill Trail" in Penn Yan NY. If you can make the trip there it is a beautiful hike!

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