Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday's Agenda

I received a very unexpected email last night. It was from a friend of a wife of my husband's cousin (don't you have sentences like that LOL... aka, someone I didn't know.) She asked if I would ever consider hosting a "Jewelry Party". She said she knows lots of people who love my jewelry. I have thought about jewelry parties in the past but I am not one to impose on family memebers and beg them to host parties. And since I don't have a lot of girlfriends who would host one I kinda let the idea go. But if a total stranger knows lots of people who love my jewelry... heck, why not! I would need a few weeks to properly prepare, this being my off season I don't have a lot of jewelry just laying around. But I think it would be fun and I am definately one the thrives under pressure so the stress of getting ready would get me going. Maybe someone else at the party would want to host a party of her own? Hmmmm... lots of things to think about.

I am relisting "Honey Roasted" tonight and then "Coffee Mug Creations" a few days from now. It is my husband's new "strategie" I told him I would try. If wants me to list 1 auction a week with the new auction starting 2 days before the first one ends. It couldn't hurt to try. I am lowering the price on "Honey Roasted" too. I hope you all bid this time... they are a really great set of beads! After I get sometime in at the torch I will make up my "Peanut Butter Sandwiches" set and I want to do a Valentine's set... and of course an all green one! I have so many ideas and so little time, LOL!

Look for the auction later tonight.

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