Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just another Thursday

Morning all... Have you had a chance to go check out the new auctions? I really don't think the picture of "Poseidon's Pebbles" does them justice. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! I just keep looking at them sitting on my desk. They are so yummy. I must say I am disappointed that no one caught my spelling error though. Poseidon has an e in it... LOL! Look close and I think you will see it is spelled wrong on the photo in the auction... shhhh its our little secret.

Added a bunch of links on the right over there.... HI JESSI. Jessi Kelly is an amazing young woman in Australia that does web design and makes jewelry. She is only 15! Such drive... I had to share the link so you can check out what she does. I also added the B&B community forum an wet two forums you can find me posting and talking to others who do what I do. Browse the posts and check out work by same really great designers.

With Lauren under the weather I doubt I will get much done today. Hopefully this evening I can get a knob or two started.

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