Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Good News

I just received word last night that my "Berry Wine" bracelet has been accepted as a project for the Fall 2006 issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry Magazine! I will be writing a tutorial and there will be a photo and bio about me. I am so excited! Two publications in two magazines during at the same time. I am so very excited. I will work this weekend on photographing and writing the article. The entire issue is going to be divoted to lampwork & wire together. Right up my alley!

I am hoping to get out a torch more tonight. The new Valentions Beads will be on Ebay this weekend too. The auction should finish in time to have the beads in the mail and to you well before Valentine's day.


Amy said...

Wah hoo!! You go girl!! That bracelet is GORGEOUS! (I wonder if I can get that magazine around here...hmm) I love your beads, but I really REALLY love these bracelets!

(Aka Bleu at the B&B forums)

Kerry said...

Hey Amy.. thanks so much... I am really excited about it. It should be fun and a challenge, I am really looking forward to it. I haven't done anything like it before.

Lori said...

this is great news!
when you get famous, we can say "we knew her when......"