Saturday, January 14, 2006


I am up at the crack of dawn to go to an exercise class with a girlfriend of mine. She is going on a cruise in March and wants to get in shape. I need to be in better shape too so I offered to go to class with her as moral support. We will have to just wait and see how long this will last. I am terrible at following through on exercise programs, LOL!

I made a new bracelet yesterday. I am really liking getting to make funky wire bracelets! The are so fun to wear. It is all sterling silver wire and findings with my handmade lampwork beads. I made one of my hand swirled clasps too. If anyone is interested... it is $58.00 and it is about a size 8. My wrist is about a 7.5 and this hang a little loose on me.

We have had a couple of wonderful weather days! Thurs & Fri were both 50-60 degrees with sun. I can't tell you how unheard of that is here in Rochester NY. Last year we had 120 inches of snow and to have warm days like this is a blessing. I had torch time yesterday afternoon and I had the studio door wide open, the music was on... I was in heaven! The beads from yesterday are for Jessi. I am having her design a new logo for me and we are swapping services. I also made a bunch for another new bracelet. Black and white pokadots with turqoiuse here and there. Really retro, really fun.


Lori said...

amazing bracelet

Kerry said...

Thank you so much Lori. I am glad you like it. I used spare beads I had around my desk. I love playing with sterling silver wire!