Saturday, January 07, 2006

My cold is still them same nagging cold. I wish it would get worse so I could start feeling better instead of the same yucky feeling. Ugh. I don't think today will be much of a beading day. Ron and I might be going to look at a minivan... shale I list all the things wrong with mine? Maybe later. And my sister Bonnie wants me to stop by and visit with her... which means she wants me to do something for her and this time it is install her internet access. Little sisters... what a pain! I often ask my Mom "why did you have her anyway". Mom will say "because you wanted a friend" and then I say "well take her back I don't want her anymore." But I am mostly kidding. My little sister is great and I am happy to have her.

I have an idea for a peanut butter and jelly set of beads. Browns and purples. I wonder if it will work? I will share the results!

Enjoy your weekend!

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