Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's 15 degrees... let's go pool shopping

It seems like a very ridiculous thing to do when it only 15 degrees out but that is how we spent our Sunday afternoon... pool shopping. We were hoping to get a "off season" closeout or discontinued pool but unfortuately, no luck. Prices are the same in the dead of winter as the are in the height of summer. We will just have to wait and see what we end up getting. But I will tell you this... I refuse to go through another summer like we did last year without a pool. There were more the 20 days where it was more then 90 degrees. With no air condition and no pool... it was a rough summer!

Yesterday was a bad bead day again. I think I get too many ideas going at once sometimes so I can't concentrate. I did make a nother BEAUTIFUL bracelet and the cool "Star Bead" that is posted up top. If anyone is interested in the bracelet.. it is a very comfortable 7 1/2 inch bracelet. All sterling silver and my lampwork beads. Cost on this one is $63 ( there is a lot of work in this one.) I haven't had a chance yet to post it on my website but I will shortly. If you want it before then... just send me an email!

Oh... I just had to share... I love the site Donna Mehret makes amazing beads! I splerged and bought myself an early birthday gift of a pair of her "Icicle Earrings". I can't wait to get them. And I can't wait to make my own beads for them!!!! I can't afford her beads unfortuately. $75 for 7-8 beads, YIKES! $16 for just 2 plain solid rounds, double YIKES! Full sets of 20 beads go for $200 plus. BUt I am sure they are worth every penny... her beads are beautiful!

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