Friday, August 29, 2008

The Gushing Contest

I finally received my extra copy of Wire Style! And although my Mom wants me to give it to her, I promised you all a copy. I have been trying to think of a fun way to do this here give away and I have decided that we are going to have a Gushing Contest. I find it very embarrassing when people gush about me or my work, so I want you to gush about jewelry in general, or the book, or the weather, gush about anything.

Here is the deal... leave a comment... gush about something... DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT gush about me or my work... and I will use one of those random number generators to pick the winner. The winner gets a FREE copy of WIRE STYLE!! Easy enough huh? I will accept comments until Noon on September 1st. And the winner can let me know if they want me to sign the book or not. Oh, and don't forget to leave your name!! If you could end comments with first name, last initial, and your state that would be great.

The mosaic above is of the six projects I have written up in the book. Some with different beads, some with different names... all the same designs though. There is a ton to learn in this book! Hopefully, my original jewelry that was sent in to photograph for the book will be back soon. When it is, I'll be posting it for sale on my website. You can get the book and the original piece of jewelry to show off to friends!! LOL.

Okay... get gushing and good luck.


Chris said...

OK, I'll take the bait! I'm going to gush about my wonderful oldest son. He is 9 yrs old and is sweet, kind, caring, smart, funny, creative, talented, polite, handsome, mature... He is an extremely talented pianist and this week he played an arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D that gave my mom and me goosebumps and left us in tears. He always wants to help others, or just simply do something nice for them. For his birthday for the past several years he has asked for donations to local charities instead of birthday presents - all his idea! Well, I could go on and on, AND I have 2 other sons that are equally gush-worthy, but I'll stop for now. Have a great holiday weekend!

Meredith D, NC

Heather Hertziger said...

I'm going to gush about my new puppy :) His name is Spike, he's a 14 week old Boxer mix. And yesterday, for the first time, he didn't have a potty accident in the house. I am very proud of him He has learned to signal when he wants to go out but hasn't been consistant about signalling every time. Yesterday he signalled every time. I am very happy :)

And because it is unfair to gush about a puppy without a picture, here is the little guy for your viewing pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, do I have anything gushable in my life? Well, no husband, no children, sibling don't count, hmmm...i know... my cat! And I guess she is pretty gush worthy, I mean I have been waiting for 15 years for a kitty like her! (Ever since living in the dorms and being denied pets.) She is lap kitty. Always has to be touching you, sitting on your lap or laying across your face and purring in your ear while you are laid out on the sofa watching tv. And she likes visitors too, if you don't pay here enough attention to her she will nip you! Nothing mean, just a gentle here-I-am-don't-forget-to-pet-me reminder! And she gives kisses! She really does! It is so cute. (gush gush) I get greeted and the door and if I pick her up I get cheek rubs and kitty kisses.

Hildy P., MN

Anonymous said...

I was really interested in the new Wire book because I was drawn to the delightful and wonderful projects it had in it and went to my local Borders and they didn't have it "sigh", I just pine to have it so that I could practice and get really good at making wired jewelry like some (but not naming who) artists that are in the book. I think they're really creative and stylish and I would just love to be just as talented!
Kellie C., Indiana

Anonymous said...

LyndaJ from Lampworketc

Hmmmmm, general gushing??

How about our weather this summer. I can't remember a summer that has had more nice days, generally plenty of rain, and great weather. Last year our drought was so bad that we lost lots of plants and trees. But this has been the prettiest, softest, lightest summer ever. (cincinnati, Ohio)

Congratulations on the book, too :)


fiona said...

I'm going to gush about my grandfather, who died when I was 3. He vounteered on 4 August 1914, before the war officially started and was sent to France on 5 November 1914. He left behind 2 children and one which was to be born on August 10th. This was a man who had nothing, no money, no house of his own, and yet he felt he was compelled to fight for others. He was wounded twice and gassed between 1914 and 1918 and yet still went back to the front in France. He was actually there at the 1914 Christmas Armistice on the French front line, when the Germans and British put down their weapons and crossed the line to wish each other a Merry Christmas. I have a postcard which he sent from France in 1917 to my Grandmother to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. Amidst all the turmoil, killing, death,rats, mud and destruction, he remembered this anniversary. When the war ended he went back to the job he had before.. he was the guy who sweeps the roads..the guy you don't even see as he passes by with his brush, he never complained or boasted. He just came back to his family and made sure they were safe and fed. Over 870,000 British soldiers died in World War 1, the one's who managed to come back were the lucky ones..
but only one of those was my Grandad. He was a great man, not famous, not a celebrity, not wealthy.. but greatness isn't about these things.

Jenny said...

I NEED this book so I just have to gush!!! I am going to gush about glass! I have been lampworking for 4 years now and am just now making things I actually like! That is totally gushworthy in my opinion. I can't get enough glass these days and it's because of my new excitement about it!! I love going to the torch with an idea and having it actually turn out!! GUSH GUSH GUSH!!! There just isn't enough time in the day and I find myself gushing out loud at work and my coworker looks at me like I'm strange at times, It's a lot of fun to share this exciting art with others. Thanks for letting me gush!

Jenny B, CA

Anonymous said...

Ok Kerry,
My time to gush.
I am going to gush about my two sons who both left to go to college and oursue their dreams. One in art and one in culinary. Wow we will have an artists and a chef in the family. I am so proud of both of them to pursue what they truley love. I get to hang and display Justin's art around the house and get to eat Brandon's amazing creations he comes up with and the presentations are amazing.
I would truely love to have you to sign the magazine if I were to win.
Kathy H., SD

Lorelei said...

Gush is a funny word! I never realized it until I just read all the posts that say Gush.
G u s h.
Weird. Who came up with that word???
I will gush about jewelry in general.
I am a total jewelry fanatic. I made jewelry. I LOVE to wear other artisan's jewelry but rarely wear my own. And I cannot seem to get enough! I'd say Etsy is the culprit. Etsy introduced me to a million up and coming jewelry designers and now I just love to support them!
Love love LOVE it!
Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

rosebud101 said...

I can only say in my gushiest voice, "I bought the book! It's great!" I love your work in it!

Shaiha said...

I want to gush about silence. Kinda an oxymoron. We had my husband's teenage sons staying with us this summer and not having kids, I was not used to the noise and commotion. There were good things about having them around like having my studio finally set up but I wasn't able to relax enough to create anything. Now that silence reigns supreme, I have been able to get right back in groove. In the past week, I have turned out 3 bracelets and I am working in a necklace! Long live silence!

Laura Blanck said...

This is the first I've read the word "gush", my natural language is Spanish, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am living in USA since 1989, and I speak English since I was a litle girl.
In my language I am a poet, and even though I've written poems in English too, .... I've never saw that word before!
Cheers! keep enjoying the "gushing"!, Laura Blanck from Openstudio.

CreekHiker said...

I'm going to gush about my dog. Mabel just makes me happy. I love the way she runs ahead on a trail and slyly turns to see if I am behind her. Or when I linger, taking photos or admiring the landscape, she pops her head around the corner and I almost expect her to put her paws on her hips to say, "Com'on Mom!"

I also love how she comes to find me after eating. I swear she comes to say thanks. She is my angel in a dog suit.

Holly H, CA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kerry!

And I have to gush about ... well, GUSH! Gush was the first meal we taught my stepson to make on his own. Ingredients: 1 lb burger, onion, 1 15-oz can peeled tomatoes, 1 pkg taco seasoning, 6 oz pasta shells, and frozen corn. I won't include the detailed directions, but don't forget to drain the grease or cook the sauce for at least 20 minutes. And definitely don't forget the last step-- "EAT!!"

Everyone has their own version of Gush, right? Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Roberta C, LampworkEtc

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was going to gush about my Brittany Spaniel, BIG GUY, but after reading Fiona's post about her grandfather, I feel compelled to gush about her. Fiona, you are so very blessed to have a man such as your grandfather as your ancestor. In a nation where it seems almost everyone feels the government or the world owes them a living, a handout, a free education without the grades, practically everything, which boils down to a communist/socialist mentality, your grandfather stands as a monument of national pride, hard work, a heroic heart that asks nothing in return. He lives on as an example of what we all should aspire to be, grateful for freedom and democracy, a resposible citizen who gives selflessly without harboring any sense of entitlement.

Sharon P. NV.

pam said...

I have an extra book that I will send your mom. Amason sent me two books I paid for both but I have to pay shipping both ways to return the book. Its not worth it. Lets make Mom happy. Just need an address?

Anonymous said...

hi, i have to gush about having a toilet! we are remodeling our bathroom and the toilet was out of order all day yesterday so i went to barnes & noble to hang out for the day. guess what book i bought? yep! you're right. it is a beautiful book. today i have a new toilet, yippee! thanks, lisa d., oregon

Krista said...

I just want to say that I adore jewelry! My husband shakes his head in disgust when he sees my two big floor standing jewelry cabinets, but at least he always knows what to get me for special occassions! LOL!

I have a very eclectic collection, ranging from platinum and gemstone pieces all the way down to the funkiest, cheapest costume jewelry and I simply love it all.

Hey, when you're only 5 feet tall, you can't wear clothes with a lot of detail in them or you disappear under the froof. Jewelry is the perfect way to make those simple clothes pop. Big showy pieces are my favorite, which is probably why I make so many.

So yeah, jewelry is my not so secret addiction. But seriously, who doesn't love it?

Krista M., Virginia

vonna said...

My unrestrained expression of emotion is that of wonderment, style, honesty and that awesome simple pendant on page 47 that for the life of me I can't recreate, duplicate or even replicate it!

Of all the books I have checked out from the library to gain knowledge from this is by far the most user friendly publication I have ever come across - and I don't read - I just look at pictures.

I have been sleeping with this book since the day I bought it - hoping that the vibes would slowly sink into my quiet mind of design.

Gush Gush, Mush, Mush - crossing fingers that sweet Thunder finds a home. Holly is one gushy lady!

~a signed copy would be like really radical!
I can send my used copy to your mom!

vonna m - il

Lori said...

I'm going to GUSH about my husband. We have been married for 15 years now and he is a wonderful man. Of course we have had our ups and downs but he is always there for me. There are days I want to ring his neck but then he will do something that is special and I remember why I married him. I remember an anniversary card a few years ago that he wrote the longer we are married the more he loves me. He puts up with me and wishes we had more money for me to indulge in my hobby. So hubby, this gush is for you.
Lori O, CA

Christine said...

Ok, here I go....
Wegman's. They have the most amazing, awesome grocery store on the planet, I kid you not. I have never been in a food store that offers so much in the way of delicious, interesting food with such a wide variety of items. Their olive bar is to die for, and their Italian bread is heaven! And their customer service! Even in the south, where I live, you don't see that kind of committed personal service, from the manager on down to the kid bagging your groceries. In fact, when I go home to Rochester, I always make plans to go to the biggest Wegman's there is (usually the Pittsford one), so I can get bread and olives and a sub and several pounds of Zweigle's hots. The cool thing is, now they are expanding into Virginia, so now a road trip to my favorite grocery store only takes an hour! I know it's probably crazy to go on and on about a grocery store chain, but really, they are so worthy of the praise in my opinion. Awesome.

Christine B., VA

Lori Anderson Designs said...

My son is gushing-worthy. He's five, will be trying out for the swim team (the SWIM TEAM) in two weeks, and has overcome some rough obstacles in his life to turn into a funny, clever, sweet little nugget with really great manners and a wicked grin.

And now it's time to go upstairs and kiss him while he's sleeping..... the best part of being a mom, that last kiss good night.

Melissa said...

I just wanted to say how fun it was to check out your blog and see some of my beads. It took me back a couple years to when I made my first website. I was so excited to finally be able to sell my beads online. I sat by my computer that first day it was "live" and waited for an order. Nothing happened... Then a few days later I got an order from you (this was before you made your own beads of course) How fun was it to click on your blog the other day and see those beads in a piece of jewelry you made. Congrats to you for all your success.

Bella Rhys Designs said...

I'm going to gush about my life in general...
My 7 yr old is a very caring and loving little girl who cares about others feelings-my 2 yr old boy is so laid back and easy going and our newborn is the happiest baby ever!
I have been afforded the ability to stay home with them and lampwork during naptime and started selling on Etsy. It's the little things that make me happy-lol :)