Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why Didn't I Think Of That

First, Thank You. Thank you for the wonderfully warm and thoughtful comments and emails from yesterday's frustration post. I think having to slow down these past couple of weeks has given me more time to be nostalgic and reflective. I am one of those "learn from the past" kind of thinkers, so remembering to me is important. If I am mindful of how I have lived my life, then the things I don't want to relive won't happen again. Or at least that is my theory. LOL.

I have to say, I was a little taken back by your comments about my strength. Most days when I am writing this blog, I am sitting at my dining room table with a cup of coffee. I feel like I am sitting with a good friend. Some days the talks over coffee are light and carefree. Other days they are a bit deeper. All make us grow closer as friends. Silly to be friends with people you don't even know are out there, lol... but it works. Anyway, I don't write what I do to hear how awesome someone thinks I am. I just write what is on my mind and it is easy to share. I am honored you think I am so strong.

But, enough of the sappiness for one day. Today is a new day and I am full of some new energy! I am finally to the "get to move things in" part of the studio prep!! I put my desk up and started unloading the first box the other day. Then I got pulled in a million directions... then I painted the shed yesterday (see photos: it's yellow and Lauren helped). Today though, the rest of the boxes are getting opened up and things are getting unpacked!!

Several people mentioned my Hot Head torch yesterday. It is a torch that runs on small 1lb cylinders of MAPP gas rather then my heavy duty oxygen/propane torch. I had a "why didn't I think of that" light bulb moment! OF COURSE I could use the HOT HEAD!! But then... something I forgot to mention. Remember week before last when I mentioned I might get some torch time at the old house? Well, I got the time... but when I turned on the kiln it didn't heat up. The relay is out and I need to get the replacement part. That's another thing that will get done today. And hopefully I can get some torch time in by the weekend. YOO HOO!!!

And in additional exciting news... I had a late evening email last night from one of my magazine editors. She would like some projects for another up coming book!! So that is TWO new books I am working on projects for. How exciting is that?!? I can't wait.


rosebud101 said...

Congratulations! I love your articles! Keep up the great work!

ellen said...

Um - about the paint on your hand? I'm a messy gal when I paint but I believe you have me beat.
I can't imagine what the rest of you looks like.

Kerry said...

I was painting with stain so it was like painting with water. I am not normally that messy!! I had a speckled face and speckled feet.

The shed turned out great though.