Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ho Hum

Goodness summer is dragging. I think I am as bored as my kids. LOL. I woke this morning with a kind of ho hum feeling. I don't really have anything I have to do. Sure I have lots of things I want to do, but I have settled into the fact that I won't get to do those want to things until school starts next week.

Yesterday I painted the dining room. That was fun. It was super easy and I am really happy with the color. No photos yet though. I want to hang stuff on the walls before I show you. You didn't think I was going to leave it like it was did you? No no no. It is now a very even neutral gray color and I'll be adding pops of lime and turquoise. Oh, and the highlight of the room... a gorgeous antique oak beveled glass mirror that we found at an antique store last weekend. It was marked $125 and Ron talked them down to $80. The thing weighs about 30lbs... I love it.

I am speed reading our book club book. Well, not speed reading... I don't know how to "speed read". But I like to think of myself as a fairly fast reader. I am cramming 360pages in before Thursday. LOL, easy enough. 100pages a night and I'll be done. The book? Black Out by Lisa Unger. I haven't read an old fashion mystery book in years. I am really enjoying it. The first 100 pages had me snuggling next to Ron after I turned the light out cause I got the heebee geebees. The second 100pages kinda dragged, but it is picking up the pace again. I can't wait to find out what all happened. Why am I rushing to read it before Thursday? I am hosting book club!! The hostess can't skip reading, lol. Hey, I would love to hear your suggestions of books we should read for next month. It is my job as the hostess to pick 4-5 books to vote on. The book with the most votes gets read for the next month. Leave a comment with some suggestions.

I am knitting a sweater. I don't think I have mentioned that yet. It is something to keep my fingers busy when I find myself out of things to do. I noticed in the first week we moved that I would get the house cleaned up and I would have 15 - 20 mins before needing to go somewhere or something. It isn't enough time to start a big project (we have tons of those remember). I can't just sit there and I found I was compulsively pacing or cleaning more in those few minutes. So I had my friend Lindsey help me cast on a sweater. I'll show it soon. I want to get a little farther along with it first.

See... ho hum... not much going on. I am just kinda treading water until school starts up back next week. Then I'll hit the ground running. I owe you all new bead box beads, I have those tutorials to write, I have a November art show to prep for, and I have those chairs to recover.


ellen said...

Not much going on? Reading, painting, knitting? I'd call that a lot.
I've read one of Unger's books and liked her a lot. I only read mysteries.
My uncle has the key, he thinks, to getting through a book quickly - he only reads what's in quotes. Funny old dude.

Anonymous said...

Here are some book suggestions:
JackDaws by Ken Follet
The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Kidd
Peace Like a River by Leif Enger
People of The Book by Geraldine Brooks
Tales from the Bed by Jennifer Estess (it's about a women with ALS)
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Anonymous said...

Book suggestions

Wish You Well David Baldacci
very good and a fast read

Left To Tell Immaculee Ilibagiza
w/Steve Erwin

The Red Tent is my favorite book,
and loved The Secret Life of Bees

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Read that one! Terrific! If you like that genre, try anything by Harlan Coben.

Anonymous said...

If you want another exciting book along similiar lines as Black Out, try Harlan Coban's Tell No One. (This was recently made into a French film and it was grerat!)

Also, a fabulous novel about love and what love really is about is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

For some really good espionage excitement look to Jeffrey Archer's The Prodigal Daughter or First Among Equals or something like the Holcraft Covenant or the Matlock Paper from American spy master Robert Ludlum.

For more serious "modern classic" choices consider She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb or Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. Both are fabulous!

For some silly chic lit fun there is Good on Bed by Jennifer Wiener. It is far better than its title suggests! I am NOT a fan of chic lit and I thoughly enjoyed this one!

Have fun reading!

P.S. Next on my reading list is the Double Bind! I am intrigued even more after your review of it!