Wednesday, August 20, 2008

These Are The Beads

Hmmm... yeah... it was wonderful getting to finally make beads and all yesterday. But opening the kiln this morning was rather anti-climatic. Thus the anti-climatic post title. I would have asked for a "drum roll, please" had they been fabulous. I think I had it in my head that my first time back on the torch after such a long stretch would yield copious amount of beautiful beads. Instead, I found this little lowly trio. Yes, they are pretty beads, but soooo not what I was going for.

Laura Sparling had a post on Watch Me Create about beads she made using techniques from Sarah Hornik's new e-book, Think Pink. The "spreading" effect is something that I have always lusted about learning but never taken the time to experiment with. I ordered up my copy of the e-book and that was the most recent beads I had seen, so I had this technique on the brain. Would you believe that those orangish colored dots were made with a transparent pink glass called Rubino Oro? Yeah... they are. Really!

I am inspired to have this new technique under my belt. But was bitterly bummed out when these beads come out of the kiln. They just didn't have the umph that I wanted them to have. I think it is the dark periwinkle. It didn't behave how I told it to. (Much like my kids these days.) I will say, I love the side view of these much better. Especially that last one on the right. So it's back to the drawing board.

Yesterday I said I'd tell you what the beads were going to be used for. But now they are headed to the "use eventually" bowl on my desk, so I think I'll keep the intended project to myself. That is until I get the right beads for the job made. That is of course unless one of you can't live without these beads. You could save them from the "use eventually" bowl. Send me an email or leave a comment.


Libby said...

I think they're beautiful! More brown than orange, on my monitor, and a lovely cobalt-ish blue. Don't be discouraged; enjoy your new studio and be at peace with the process. ;)

ellen said...

I followed the same concept from Watch Me Create and also didn't get the affect I was going for. Disappointed, so don't feel like the Lone Ranger.
My bead (1) went into the fugly bowl.

rosebud101 said...

I wish my wanna be beads were as nice as yours! Wow!

Jo said...

I do like the colours, and I agree, the last one on the right is the best one.
Sarah's book has made Laura utter the word "organic" so I'm looking forward to seeing what it inspires you to do next!

Kerry said...

I think I just need to experiment with the colors more. I think I like more of the purples and pinks with the blues. I think the opal yellow orange effect is what disappointed me.

Laura is saying organic, Jo? Organic is the opposite of what I was thinking. It really takes a lot of control to get those dots just right. But yes, they are feel from in what they will "do" in the end.

I ment to say... Laura's beads were absolutely stunning. I love lines and dots and I think that is what sucks me in every time.

Laura said...

Hi Kerry

Thanks for the mention and the lovely bead compliments! :o)

Your beads are fab. I love those colours. But that whole not-knowing-exactly-what-the-glass-is-gonna-do thing is what I'm trying to overcome with my Rubino/EDP on reactives experiments.

As for organic beads, I mean that playing with the Rubino and reactives could lead to them. They're kind of helping me to 'let go' a bit and back off the glass and let it do its own thing. I just don't do organic beads but if I can overcome this glass control thing I have where everything has to be just so then maybe one day - one day - I may produce some!

Does any of that make any sense whtasoever?!

Laura x

Jo said...

The control Laura has over the stringer is amazing. The fact that any of you can make such beauty from molten glass is amazing! I stick to manipulating silver!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for that shape of bead.

Anonymous said...

I think they're gorgeous! I actually opened my browser and went "wow" ;-). Beauty is a very subjective thing - please don't let your disappointment over the the fact that they didn't turn out how you wanted them to blind you to the fact that you've created something very lovely. I like the "top" view best, and think these would make lovely simple necklaces with just a leather thong looped through them. I'd buy one, for sure!

Hilary ;-).

Kerry said...

Don't worry, I am not too disappointed. Just kinda bummed that they weren't what I had hoped for. Yes, they are very pretty beads. It is fun having them on my desk. And eventually, they'll get made into something.

Thanks for stopping by Laura. I do know what you mean about control and organics. I am a bit of a control freak too. But I have been able to let go and do organics from time to time.

I really think I am more of a control freak about color. I have said a few times that I think my sense of color is like a musician hearing pitch. If color isn't just right, it pains me to look at it. I can hear Randy Jackson saying "You're off color, DAWG". I knew these would be that orangish color, just not the right shade for the dk periwinkle.

Laura said...

You certainly do have wonderful colour sense, Kerry. I love looking at your beads!

That's the thing with reactive glass, isn't it? You have some idea of what might happen but you never can be sure until that kiln door is open.

Laura :o)