Thursday, August 21, 2008

Studio Series ~ Part 2

(aka "the putting things in" part)

First of all, something is wrong with my camera. I think it has gotten so used to taking hyper super close up shots that it can't take a candid to save it's life. And no, it isn't user error. My camera has a mind of it's own and it is choosing to not work right. It's as if I can no longer function without the macro setting. But I digress... this is a Studio Series post, not a camera rant. (Oh it is a sad blog day when I am ranting in the first paragraph, LOL!)

Ahem... the studio.

Slowly but surely I have been working on the "putting things in" part. YOO HOO!! It was that part I mentioned not being able to wait for at the end of the last studio series post. I am still messing around with the layout a bit, but I think I am close to how it will be. The big checker board curtains are shower curtains from Target. They made for an easy dividing wall and since they are plastic, they won't need washing should the basement get damp. Fortunately, the basement is very dry, but better safe then moldy. I have always wanted twinkle lights in my studio. I am so glad there is an "I" beam running down the middle of the space... it makes for a perfect twinkle light shelf. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone have a twinkle light shelf. Don't ya think?

I love my new glass space. There is great light from those windows and that blank chunk of wall will be perfect for my ventilation hood. You can see a hint of my photo set up just to the left there. It will be moving once I get more outlets down here. My kiln is all fixed too. Yeah! It was easy to replace the relay. I love taking a screwdriver to something and checking out the guts of a machine. So cool.

You can see I am already putting my jewelry desk to good use. I have a proper mess going there, don't I? All for good reason. I am working on a couple of new mixed media pieces.

Alrighty, the next part is the series will be the "making it safe" part. I need to get more power to the room, via rewiring the electric. Plus, I need to put in some ventilation and get my propane tank set up outside, then hosed into the studio. Lots to do.


deehebard said...

Your new spot looks will be nice to stay cozy inside in the winter and not have to suffer the elements. The color is perfect and the shower curtains are a fun, practical addition.
As far as the dampness...a dehumidifier is just the ticket!
Can't wait to see more pictures!

Wiley said...

Thanks for sharing! I love seeing peoples studios ;-)

rosebud101 said...

Looks great so far! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

looks really cool and such a wonderful, playful place to be creative! the shower curtains were an excellent idea. what would we do without target? love the lights; i have a roll of lights, orange and lime green, in my space that make it magical and fun. will you be running your ventilation tube out the window? can't wait to see the next series of pictures; thanks so much for sharing. lisa d., oregon

Anonymous said...

Is that your only light to take your pictures, no tent or dome? Your pictures are awesome. I would love to see picture of your picture area. Your studio looks great love the curtain.

CreekHiker said...

So cool when it all starts coming together! It's looking great!