Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Talk About A Big Family...

(aka: how I spent my Sunday)

It was that time of year again. Kester Picnic time!! And for the first time in a few years, almost everyone was there. A few of the grandkids were missing but whats great was that the original 13 were there.

I'll make the introductions... from left to right, top row first, in order that they were born...

Grandma, Mary, Timothy (my Dad!), Therese, Margaret, Joan, Frances, Monica, Patrick, Ruth, Ann, Elizabeth, Daniel, Helen, and Grandpa. That wheelchair that Grandpa is sitting in is actually Grandma's. She has been living with MS since Helen was born, that is 40yrs. Grandpa is now fighting bone cancer and was feeling very tired on Sunday, so Grandma lost her chair.

Now, our family wouldn't be the size it is if it weren't for the wonderful spouses that put up with all my aunts and uncles. So enter the other halfs. And yes, some of them have very wet tee shirts, lol. We had our annual water ballon fight just a few minutes before these photos were taken. And my stars... heaven forbid the all look the same direction at the same time. What's wild is all the types of people you have there... there is a billion dollar transaction banker, there is a nurse, there are artists, a dental hygentist, a pressman, an executive chef, an exterminator, some are stay at home Moms, and some are retired. It really is a crazy bunch.

And here are the results of those marriages... LOTS OF KIDS!! There is at least a half dozen of my cousins missing. Peter, Emily, Jenna, Bridgie, Eric, Samantha, Becca, Julia, and Eve to name a few. What I love is that these are all first cousins! And then I love that there are FOUR great-grandchildren in there. My three, and my little 4 month old god son, Ben. Can you find me and my sister Bonnie in there?

I would have loved to have a photo of everybody, everybody, but alas, that would mean someone would be left out... the person holding 30 cameras trying to take all the pictures!!

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ellen said...

Wow, you're a lucky gal. I have a very small family. It looks and sounds like everyone had a wonderful time.