Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Acquisitions Editor

I have been submitting book proposals here and there and discovered the person you address your inquiries to is the "acquisitions editor". While cleaning like a mad woman for tomorrow's book club meeting, I was thinking to myself... acquisitions... that's "acquiring things"... and editor... that's the weeding out person... so an acquisitions editor decides what gets in the door. Hey, I decide what gets in our door and what doesn't. I am the Bogert Family Acquisitions Editor!

I thought I would show some of my recent acquisitions. Oh and in the business scenario, Ron is the purchasing manager. He does the shopping and the buying. I am the acquisitions editor... I say if it was a good buy or not. LOL. And, again, excuse the grainy photos. I hate my camera.

The Mirror - Every fireplace needs a beautiful mirror. This one is just the right size for our room. Since this is a business thang, you should know pricing details... this was marked $125 and the purchasing manager talked them down to $80. Don't worry, I will be acquisition editing what will be on the mantel.

The Alcove - Remember this little nook in the new house? Well that mirror was moved (see photo below) and the table was replaced with this. The boys' bathroom is right near here and it doesn't have a linen closet or anywhere to keep the towels. I have been searching for something that would fit the alcove and hold towels. This works perfect. And IT WAS FREE!! Who doesn't love free?

In the living room - I am still working on finding out what kind of wine my living room likes. Thanks to this maple dresser, I think it likes white. Ron found this already refinished at a garage sale for $20. Add a few plants, hang a mirror (off center, of course) and you have the perfect place to store bills that need paying, playing cards for playing, photos that need photo albuming... it works. The thing definitely needs new handles though... yuck.

You know, for years I have little ones running amok in my house, so chachkeys or nick knacks were a big NO WAY!! They wouldn't last a day. But the kids are older, a little less clumsy, and no so destructive (with my stuff anyway) so I need to relearn how to accessorize. I couldn't for the life of me tell you what I like. Though I can easily tell you what I don't. I will be sure to keep you up on what goodies I put about the house. At the moment, I am like mixing light and dark woods... a lot... can you tell?

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ellen said...

Mix it up, chica, you're doing a fine job so far.