Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have a couple of quick things I want to pass on before I head out to our annual family reunion today.

1) My torch is finally here... YEAH!! It had been left set up at the old house all this time, in hopes I could sneak away and make beads. (never happened) My relay on my kiln going didn't allow that. But now the kiln is fixed... so I hope to be making beads, fingers crossed, by the end of the week. On my Hot Head torch for now though, as I still need to set up the ventilation hood, hoses and electric for the oxygen/propane torch. If only my work bench would shrink 4 inches and come in the door. Grrr.

2) My friend/business-ship with JOOLZ is continuing to flourish! Check out this GREAT ARTICLE in Canandaigua's Daily Messenger. Your's truly gets a little nod in it... but more importantly, you get to find out more about that awesome shop, the owner Francie, and the artists that are featured there. OH, and Francie has finally started a blog! Go to If you have ever wondered what it would be like running a high end jewelry store you'll have to tune in. She talks about the shop, she talks about the artists... she talks about getting her laundry done... it works.

3) EEEEKKKK!! I am so proud of this next one and I really am leaving the BEST for last. My good friend and one time student, Cindy, over at sweet bead studio, has been published!! And not once, but twice. YOO HOO CINDY!! You can find her "Heartstrings" necklace in the latest issue of Step By Step Wire and you'll find her "Front & Center" bangle (made with beads by me) in the latest issue of The Annealer. And looky, the bangle made the COVER! I am just so excited to see one of my students getting published. I am one proud wire Momma. I knew she could do it. To top it off, Cindy has finally added some gorgeous new jewelry to her website. And most of the pieces are sort of beach themed/inspired. Go find yourself a beautiful summer keepsake.

And that is all for the links today... that should keep you busy for a while.

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Lori Anderson Designs said...

Congratulations to you and to Cindy!