Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sally Seashell

This is Sally Seashell... and she eats Jenga for lunch. You better be on guard or you'll be next. LOL. Check out the latest addition to the Bogert Family!! One of my Mom's beautiful Siamese kittens (she is a blue point) has become Andrew's (yet Mom is the one changing the litter and making sure she is fed) new best friend (and transition thing to the new house). Yes, her eyes are crossed... yes, they are always crossed... yes, she is okay with that. She is quiet the "talker" and no, Bity Kity (our two year old cat) isn't happy she is here. Oh, the things we do for our kids. LOL.

Anyway, we are suffering through a 90+degree weekend. Yesterday 94... today 92... tomorrow and Monday 90+ as well. Gang it is HOT!! Who is going to want to buy a house with no central air? I am thinking things might not go well for tomorrow's open house, but hey, who knows! I buried a St. Joseph in the front garden (upside down, facing the house... THANKS MARCIA!) I have faith... it might work!

As for me, I want to curl up and smooch my hubby in our air conditioned bed room, but those dang kids need watching while swimming in the pool. I am looking forward to getting back to the usual thang next week. It'll be a stressfull one, but I wanna make some new beads... play with jewelry... work on my Parallel Crossings project. I can't wait.


Lori Anderson Designs said...

She is so sweet. And I love Jenga.

Can I come over for lunch?

ellen said...

Darling kitty. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the open house. I know everything would be so much easier for you all if your house sold. Keeping a good thought here in MI.