Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Camera In Hand

big field walk 1
big field walk 2
big field walk 3
big field walk 4
big field walk 5

Yesterday, my friend Lindsey had a rare kid-free morning and she sent me a text message that she was going for a walk at Big Field on Drumm Rd. I asked if she would like some company. She said yes. Lindsey has taken my kids to Big Field several times, but this was my first visit. It is a 1.2mile path in a BIG open field and it a positively magical little spot. I am so glad I went for the walk rather than wallowing at home in my cold symptoms. I am going to add it to my list of places to take the kids when we need to combat boredom this summer. I want to push through those tall stalks (you can't tell here, but literally, they are as tall as I am in spots) right to the middle of the field and set a picnic to watch the clouds roll by. Wouldn't you?


Glasschmuckunikate Berlin said...

dear kerry, i am also a glassbeadmaker in germany and i follow sometimes your blog. also i was very inspirated by your book twisted.we are both flying partners in the e-course , so nice time and good inspiration and progress.....
you are enough!

Anonymous said...

K- The B & W shot is such a different view of that building than I am used to! I love seeing it through someone else's eyes.

Christine said...

I love this!
And I agree, a picnic right in the middle...where you could first press all the tall grass down in a space big enough for a blanket, and lay back and watch the sky.

Brandi said...

Oh, yes, right there in the middle. Fluffy blanket, puffy clouds, and a really yummy lunch.

Erica Hansford said...

looks like a great spot for a photo session! I'll be checking it out tomorrow :) Thanks!!