Monday, June 21, 2010

Biking & Berries ~ Random Mondays

dad and girls
dad riding
:: That's what I call a full weekend. Cleaning Friday, Lacrosse tournament Saturday, Baseball game Saturday, Father's Day bike ride with Dad on Saturday, family picnic on Saturday, plus company for the US Open Golf on Saturday evening, (my stars!), Father's Day berry picking and celebrating on Sunday!!
:: I keep getting the hiccups, yesterday and today.
:: Just two days of school left!! Time to plan some fun summer activities.
:: Hubby just came by my desk to give me a kiss :X (made me lose me train of thought! LOL)
:: Really really hopeful that things will be happening this week with my "secret project".
:: Gonna whip up some "Urban Ornaments" (a la my friend Cindy Wimmer in Easy Wire) for the kids' teachers. It's a great, last-minute project.
:: OH MY... it is serious berry season around here. We have cherries, and strawberries, and blueberries... Lauren is so excited to make jam with me this week!!
:: I finished knitting my Featherweight Cardigan, photos to come.
:: Did I tell you those top photos are from a bike ride with my Dad and sister? We rode the trail along the Erie Canal from Fairport to Pittsford NY.
:: Must find a good local swimming hole for the kids. Apparently there is a private pool on our street! But it costs $1300 to join and $550 a year to use. That is just crazy.
:: I love having all the windows in my house wide open.
:: is tomorrow really the last day of school?
:: OMG... go make this right now, in a blender: add a hand full of blueberries fresh from the garden, 5 strawberries picked by kids, 5 sweet cherries from the highest branch, some Simply Orange with Mango juice, and a few ice cubes... best breakfast drink ever. No sugar added.
:: I had a HUGE glass order come in on Friday, I can't wait to show you all the colorful goodness in that box.
:: Here's to the official start of Summer.

checking the cherries
finding the perfect cherry
As always, I invite you to orangize your random thoughts for the week in my comment section. Happy Random Monday.


Christine said...

Oh, I have fabulous memories of picking cherries with my grandma when I was a kid up there!

Beautiful photos as always!

Janet said...

Ohhh nice smoothie recipe!! Will have to give it a try. I looked at your house pics very nice!! Something tells me you will be real busy this summer! And your house is so clean a nice feeling...

TesoriTrovati said...

::not enough hours in the day
::do you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer? who doesn't? (lucky you) if you do, go and have a mammogram, i just did
::have lost my creative mojo
::exhibit is woefully off track right now. but it is not the waiting (okay, still some waiting for pretties going on) but rather the starting and the frozen with fear that what i make won't do the pretties i have had created justice
::my antique hamilton printers cabinet is in full force now with all 21 drawers cleaned and painted white. i have been organizing it (but i really think that is a ploy to not focus on the gallery exhibit....)
::is it possible to sabotage your own success?
::my son, the 'rocket', and his teammates won their second tournament. have won all 9 games played this season handily. unfortunately, they had to beat the local rivals to get there (hard to cheer against kids you go to school with and play school ball with). good ball all around.
::i need to make some smilebox slide shows for the parents. when will i find the time this week?

love the freckles on your kids. they are beautiful children (from beautiful parents).

enjoy the day!

Nicki said...

:: The smoothie sounds good - would work for a happy hour drink with wodka as well ;-)

Libby Leuchtman said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I really enjoyed the pictures of your house, kids and family. Have a great Monday.

sandi m said...

OMG! You and and your sister look like identical twins!!

Berry drink sounds devine! If you can't have fresh ones, try Trader Joe's frozen multi berry bag. Whip them up frozen with juice - yummy!

Ha - you should just get one of those gigantic blowup pools for your yard!

Cindy said...

Kerry, wow this is a lot going on!!! And after such a full must be tired! Have I told you much I think you, your Dad and Bonnie look alike?? :-)

Alice said...

Wonderful photos! I can sure see a resemblance between you all!

::I'm waaay behind in laundry
::Worried about my mom--how many days, weeks, does she have left on this earth. She's what keeps us all together
::Stomach upset--see above
::Need some inspriation and maybe a shoulder to lean on
::How can there be so much dust in this house?
::My youngest is just the sweetest--she's growing up fast!
::son enrolling in college today-he's grown so tall
::I want to tell everyone to hug their family often
::Saw a beautiful pond on my way home