Monday, June 07, 2010

Congestion Monday

sneakers 1
:: I have a cold... the first one in ages. Please bare with my sniffles.
:: Saturday morning I went out early and photographed the Girls On The Run 5K for a friend of mine that is a coach.
:: Seeing the joy/pride on those 4th & 5th grade girls faces put a huge knot in my throat.
:: Confidence is an amazing thing.
:: It has been really stormy here. The garden loves it.

finish line
:: sniffle sniffle
:: Turned out Lauren had pneumonia and a sinus infection last week. She is doing much better now and is back to school today.
:: With Lauren back in school, I might actually get to send some time on my torch this week. Imagine that.
:: Ya know, some random Mondays are fuller than others. Feeling like this one is not so full.
:: My toes are cold.

terrarium 1
:: sneeze, cough, sniffle
:: My terrarium bloomed this weekend, isn't it sweet. Been waiting two years to see a bloom in there.
:: Kids have just 12 days of school left... omg, what am I going to do with them all summer?
:: I look at my calendar and it is already Christmas!! July: Beads Baubles Jewels, Aug: Bead Fest, Sept: ArtBliss, Oct: (currently free but I really want to go to London), Nov: Fine Craft Show!!, Dec: Christmas... see, it is already Christmas.
:: Here is to the possibility of a nap this afternoon! Cheers.


Nicki said...

If you go to London, I will go there too... It's so close and I would love to meet you. Will you go just for fun or do a class or so?

Kerry said...

Nicki, if I can make it a "business" trip and teach while I am there it is much more likely to happen!! I have a dear friend that lives in Watford that wants me to come visit. Do you know of any bead stores or glass studios that would want me to teach a class?

Alice said...

I'm glad Lauren is back to normal!

Hey, if you can't go to London you could come to Kansas. My hubby would grill a great steak for ya....

Kerri said...

hope you caught a nap, and get over the cold soon- summer colds are a bummer!