Monday, June 28, 2010

Randomly Thankful

harbour fest1
:: for a fun family outing with friends to the Port Of Rochester for a boat ride and fireworks at Harbour Fest.
:: for a bit of calming finally coming with the end of baseball and lacrosse.
:: for Lauren's excitement at the start of summer soccer.
:: for drenching rain that relieves humidity.
:: for chocolate cake just because.

harbour fest25
harbour fest28
:: for getting to pick the movie for once and having a good laugh.
:: for a weed free garden and a clean garage. (though I grumbled while doing it)
:: for late night reading and finishing a cute book.
:: for fresh strawberries, and sweet cherries.
:: for stolen moments of quiet and the hope to have more.

harbour fest39
harbour fest42
:: for the flow of ideas and possibility.
:: for abundant daisy bushes.
:: for mornings to sleep in and nights for staying up late.
:: for phone calls with friends.
:: for making it through the first week of summer unscathed... let's hope the next 10 weeks move along as smoothly.


Rebecca said...

What a beautiful wee girl you have! Her hair is so Pre-Raphaelite. I am also very excited about the summer!

Christine said...

Beautiful fireworks pictures!

My grandmother lives about a block from there (the bridge). I love to go down to the beach at the end of her street and skip stones into the lake.

Cindy said...

You sure captured the weekend in pictures! Love the one of Lauren and the fabulous fireworks!
Hope she had fun today getting started with her summer scrapbook. My kids started one too...but just something simple.