Thursday, June 17, 2010

Props & Beads

Thanks to all of you for the cyber hugs and well wishes yesterday. Today is a new day and although things aren't 100% better, I am hopeful. Really, that is all I can ask for. Hope that each day has the possibility of being a good day. Now, enough wallowing. I never was one to wallow for too long. On to brighter things!!

rehouse 2

Check out these goodies!! Yes, a pile of rusty old house junk is all sorts of goodness. LOL. Last Friday afternoon, during what was the worst day of that cold I had (I am all better now, thanks), I went on an adventure with my Mom and sister. They wanted to hit a few of the city thrift stores, so I tagged along. I literally hated every minute of the thrifting. The two of them like to go to the inner city, shady neighborhood VOA stores, and Salvation Army stores. To me, that is not thrifting. It causes me to panic, and all I see is nasty ghetto garbage along with the bums and paper bags outside the stores. Ugh, I just shuttered even thinking about it.

Thankfully though, while driving down Main Street in the city, I spotted a gem of a spot I have been dying to visit. REHOUSE!! Oh it is heaven. Instantly I was happy as a clam, seriously. Buckets of door hinges, row upon row of old windows, *sigh*... antique claw foot tubs, sheets of patina-ed ceiling tile tin, *gasp*... knob plates, stripped moulding, and light fixtures too!! Who knew? I scoured the aisles and made my choices...

Brass drawer pull plate
rehouse 3

Metal door knob back plate
rehouse 4

Claw foot from an old tub
rehouse 5

Piece of wall candle sconce
rehouse 7

Part of a painted ballister
rehouse 8

Instantly I knew why I was in the store and what I was looking for. These make fantastic photo props!! I have been quietly working on pieces of jewelry for book 2 and these props are going to help me take some killer photos of the finished designs. I can't wait!! Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait. I can't share any details of book 2 just yet. I haven't even submitted the proposal. But Oh.My.Stars, it is gonna be out of this world. I am so excited and inspired by the "twist" I have on this one. The concept is like nothing you have ever seen. You are going to flip through the roof when you see this and say "why didn't I think of that?" and then you are gonna thank my for doing all the work on figuring out just how to do it. LOL. Yeah, it is that cool. :)

I can't leave you completely hanging though. So here are a few beads I played around making yesterday. Of the group, that "LOVE" bead is the only one that made the cut. It is going to be used in one of the book samples. Intriguing, no?

orange and gray beads


Nicki said...

I love the one that'S left of the love bead too. And can't wait for your new book. When is it coming out? no, I am not rushing you.... noooooooo.

Francy said...

very awesome. look forward to book 2. (all the beads are beautiful btw)

TesoriTrovati said...

I want me that keyhole! I think I should devote a wall in my studio to keys and keyholes hanging. That would be cool! Enjoy the day, Kerry! Thinking of you! Erin

Alice said...

Oh, what beautiful texture and color on those props. What a treasure!

I would be glad to take the beads that didn't make the cut off your know, just so they don't feel left out.

I am excited for your new book and can't wait for the day it is out.

Cindy said...

Kerry, okay these salvage pieces are right up my alley...old patina, chipped white paint...I am in heaven!!! I visited the Rehouse online store and had to be held back. :-) If I ever make it to Rochester, this will be a priority!! I especially love the ballister...

stregata said...

Thanks for sharing your fantastic finds! I think I could probably get seriously lost in Rehouse, judging by your very cool finds.

Kerry said...

YES! Cindy!! Get your butt up here and Rehouse will be our first stop!! I bet you could find some beautiful pieces for your new home. :)

Erin, I think I need to go back to the shop just for the little mini 2in round key holes. You want some? Stripped or painted? Maybe I will surprise you.

Thanks for the bead love ladies. The "reject" beads, lol, have already found lovely homes. But thanks for asking.

Mari said...

I like all the beads but the ones with the flowers are my favorites!