Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Me & Peonies

peonies and jacob
Until last week, if you asked me if I like peonies, I would have said, "NO! I hate them." You would then ask me "but why? They are so pretty." To which I say, "a.n.t.s." Years ago, at the old house, we had an ant infestation in our garage header beam that led to your house having to be jacked up and the beam replaced. Why in the world would I allow a plant in my garden that needs ants to bloom? Yes, I am taking my hatred for ants out on a helpless flower. I felt justified. When we moved to this house, I told Ron to mow the ones in the yard over with the lawn mower all season. This spring, much to my grumbling, Ron has let them flourish. There are dozens of bloom so heavy the bush is weeping with white. I snipped a few, shook the bejesus out of them to insure no ants make their way in the house, and I think... I think they might be growing on me. My apologies to the peonies. It was the ants that made me hate you. I will tell Ron not to run you over next year.

ps... isn't my boy looking like such a handsome young man?


Christine said...

Beautiful! I love the white-on-white with the milk glass.

I have no peonies in my yard and I am considering some for next year, maybe. We had some at the house I lived in in Rochester, but I always remember the ANTS...beautiful huge pink flowers just covered with ants. Yuck.

And your guy? Very handsome. :)

Mermaid Glass said...

I'm sorry about the ants, but I'm glad they're growing on you. I'm jealous, too. Peonies are my favorite flower and one of the few things I hate about Florida is that they don't grow here.

mairedodd said...

well, i am glad you aren't holding a grudge against the flowers!
and you know what is so funny? my first thoughts here were about your son... mine is doing the same thing - he's 14 and starting high school next year... growing taller, voice deepening, face changing... it's a wonder to behold! (when you don't want to strangle them!)

Amy said...

Here's my tip on peonies for you (not my idea and I can't remember where I read this). Before you bring them in the house, turn the stems upside down and completely dunk the blooms in a bucket of water. Shake them around some. Leave them in there for a bit. Even if you thought you'd gotten them all off, you'll end up seeing a few floating in the water. But then you can be sure they're all gone! They are just so beautiful and the bushes so full that it's a shame not to bring them into the house!

Cindy said...

this is one of my favorite of all of your photos!! Wow. Your peonies and milkglass vase are so crisp! YOU should be teaching a photography eCourse. At least direct me as to wear I can learn how to work with my Nikon a little better (seriously!). Jacob really does look like he's getting so much older...yes, he is a sweet guy (must take after you!).

stregata said...

It is a different kind of ant, anyway. And those flowers are a miracle of art and nature. So beautiful.

Alice said...

Beautiful! I can almost smell them. I tried to rangle some peony plants from my brother in law a few years ago, but he dug them up before I could get them.

Kerri said...

so glad you were ignored in your request to mow over them b/c they really are beautiful, huh?

anyway, glad all it well between you and the peonies! :)