Sunday, June 13, 2010

Register for ArtBliss!

It's time, it's time!! Head on over now to ArtBliss and register for the fantastic Inaugural Event.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be heading to our nation's capital, Washington DC, this September to teach LAMPWORKING! YES!! Lampworking!! My new class is called K.reating A.rt B.eads. It is an introduction to lampworking class that is perfect for those that 1) have never lit a torch before or 2) have struggled to get the basics down on their own and need some guidance. This class will take place on Saturday and we are limiting the class size to 12, which will keep things intimate and comfortable. I am going to be able to give tons of attention to each student and I am seriously excited. Each student will have the opportunity to purchase a kit (available soon on the ArtBliss website) which will have everything you need for the class. The kit includes a Hot Head torch (the very torch I started on and used the first 3 years I was making beads), a mounting kit for the torch, mandrels, bead release, bead rake, rod rest, vermiculite, Mapp gas, and of course, GLASS! This is awesome for several reasons. 1) You will walk into class and the kit will be all set up and ready to go, no lugging stuff to with you and worrying if you are bringing the right things! 2) You don't pay shipping on the kit!! 3) You will have everything you need to makes beads when you get home!!! Seriously, I think that is the very best part because you are gonna leave so inspired. I just know it. You will want to run home and make beads until your Mapp gas taps out.

The second class, on Sunday, I am equally excited about. I have taken my individual bangle classes and combined them into one ROCKIN' day of Bang-A-Rang'ing. We will make a total of 6 bangles (3 practice in copper, 3 in sterling). I think myself very clever for this one because I have designed the class so that the first bangle will have a single core wire and wrap the wrist in one piece. The second will break into two (like my Unhinged bracelet) and the third will be three!! How cool is that? Each one will first be made in copper and then we'll do them up with sterling and lampwork. I am making each student a set of One-Of-A-Kind beads for their bangles with 15-18 beads. Yeah, I just said I am making each student a set of 18 OOAK beads. Seriously peps, it is like you are getting the class for free!! You can't get a set of beads that big for less than the price of the class. You don't want to miss this.

Along with the classes, there is going to be a Meet & Greet night on Friday where you will be able to visit and chat with the teachers. Plus, lunch is being served by ArtBliss each day. I feel so blessed to call Cindy Wimmer one of my best beading friends. She has let me in on some secret goodies that she and Jeanette Blix have planned for students. Let me tell ya, this is going to be a very special weekend.

Okay... what are you waiting for?!? Seats are filling fast!! High tail it over there and register!!

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