Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Bouquet Of Beads For You

bang gal bouquet 2
bang gal beads 1
bang gal beads black and white
bang gal beads 5
bang gal beads 4
Since The Inaugural Event for ArtBliss is set to be such a special creative weekend, I decided I wanted to make the kits for my class just as special. Rather than make another 25 sets of my usual BRIGHT color combo for my Bang Gals kits, I wanted to work in a different color combination. My favorite combination in fact. Purple, Periwinkle, Turquoise, and Lime!! I imaging this blend of colors is probably the most classic KABs combination. I could work in it for hours, nah, days and never get bored. These 18 limited edition sets took me three days to create with sitting at more torch for more than 5 hours at a stretch. For those that haven't ever torch worked, that is a lot of beading! My cheeks burned pink for hours afterward each day.

Did you hear that fancy phrase I threw out there a few moments ago? Yeah, limited edition. I won't be making more of this combination and the students and visitors to ArtBliss are the ones that will get dibs on them!! (if by some chance there are any left after the event, I will post them for y'all.) I am so excited by these. As I said several months ago when I launched my kits, I would love to make limited edition color combinations and every few months I would roll out new sets. I think it is about time for some new ones, don't you? In the coming weeks, I will be releasing a limited edition fall color combo for Bang Gals, plus new kits for Unhinged and The Eyes Have It. (check out your copy of Totally Twisted to see which projects those are!!)

Now I need to lock myself away and get back to work on the rest of the beads needed for my Bang A Rang class! Oh yes, I said we would be making 3 great bangles in class, not just one!! OH, for those of you stopping in that are ArtBliss students taking this class, you can purchase your class kits on my website. It will be waiting for you when you arrive to class!


Anonymous said...

Oh now, those are really great! Love your banner too!!! Kim (Texas)

Cindy said...

Kerry!! These are just gorgeous!!!! And what a great ArtBLISS color combination...even matches our banner (too cool)! Please reserve one for me...I am a huge fan of these colors as well. My favorite picture is the 2nd from the bottom, next to the spool of purple wire. You outdid yourself!

TesoriTrovati said...

Love the new banner.
Love these sets so much I want to marry them.
Love that you want to make limited edition sets.
Love your pictures more than I can tell you.
Love your spirit Kerry.

Enjoy the day!

Copper Diem said...


Boot ~C said...

I loved it when you lined up your orange sets in a circle & I love this shot too, beautiful!

jeanette said...

What luscious colors! Stunning. Kerry, I would be shocked if you returned with any extra sets!
PS. These are one of my favorite color combination also.

deehebard said...

Love the beads and the update to your banner. Wish I could attend ArtBliss, but I have a Breast Cancer fund raiser that weekend that I work at...hope your class is great!

Christine Damm said...

I love the new banner and those colors are some of my favs! I'm looking forward to meeting you at ArtBliss.

Kathy said...

HEy Kerry,
I Love your new banner. I really, really love that color combo.
Those are my favorite colors.

Heather Behrendt said...

Beautiful work. I love your beads and your photography. They always look fantastic!

kelleysbeads said...

LOVE the new banner? You gonna change it up now every time you make new color combo sets?

Kerry said...

Thanks so much for the bead and banner love everyone!!!

I hope to change up the banner with the changes of the seasons. Right now it says: Beads + Supplies + Kerry = Love.

Karyn said...

Absolutely gorgeous colors. And I love them paired with the purple wire.

hello gorgeous said...

OMG!!!!! Kerry I LOVE these colours, they are SO Med!

Reminds me of the different colours of the Meditterrean sea and therefore forever summer! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Linda Sinish said...

Kerry, Your work is so beautiful and happy. I know that everyone that attends your workshop at ArtBliss will have a fantastic time and walk away with a terrific experience and lots of new techiques. I hope to attend one of you workshops in the near future. Love, Linda