Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainy Random Monday

morning storm coming
:: it is hard to tell but this was just moments ago in my backyard and that sky looked so dark. there is rain rolling in. the sun rising, though, was a stark contrast.
:: i snuck out into the yard for the photos today. haven't done that in a while.
:: this was a really good weekend. lots of long phone calls with friends (emails too), down time with family, and productive-ness in the studio.
:: speaking of production, y'all are gonna love the bead porn i have for you later in the week ;)
:: yep, now it is pouring... that is gonna mess with the run i was planning on doing after the bus left.

red sweet peppers
:: the lovely Anna Sprague, that i mentioned on friday, sent me a link to her temporary website: view her beautiful work at amn jewelry.
:: i am still riding the high from finally learning to bezel set my kabs cabs. the sky is the limit now.
:: my sister already stole one of my rings to wear on a date this past weekend. she has been begging me to make these rings since, hmmm, 2003 when i started making jewelry.
:: silver scraps = new torch system for soldering, yoo hoo.
:: looking out my window, i can feel what an awesome day in the studio it is going to be. the rain always makes for good studio time.

rose of sharon bloom
:: *sigh* i just gotta say, i am feeling all lovey dovey about a few really special friends. you gals really rock.
:: just eleven more days until artbliss! i can't wait.
:: i am noticing the leaves start to change just the slightest bit here, is it happenings where you are?
:: hmmm, i think i need a hair cut.
:: and then the rain stopped... now i wonder what kind of rainy day this is really gonna be...


kelleysbeads said...

you should be receiving TWO packages today. both went through the Rochester sort facility this weekend :)

mairedodd said...

we had rain yesterday, clear today but oh so wonderfully 72*... just that can lift my spirits...
hoping to play a bit today - and use some of what i already have finished...
not surprised your sister snagged a ring! they are going to fly out of your shop... i myself am a ring girl...
acorns here are dropping, green leaves are all over the ground from the squirrels setting up nests...
have a good one!

Kerry said...

eeeeekkkk i can't wait kelley!!

i hope you play today too mary jane!

Cindy said...

Kerry, that is an amazing flower picture there!! wow...just love it!
I'm feeling all lovey dovey too having a coupla AMAZING friends!
What?! ArtBLISS is 11 days away?? You know I'm not counting!!! aaagghghhhh....So much to do!

jeanetteblix said...

looking forward to seeing you soon, Kerry!