Monday, September 06, 2010

It Was Date Night, But Not Like The Movie

bird cage and cabinet
i want this place
:: On Friday, Ron took the afternoon off to come with me to Canandaigua Lake where I was dropping off my joolz to JOOLZ.
:: It was to be a date night for us, but not like the Tina Fey - Steve Carell movie.
:: I found a killer homemade cabinet full of library card catalog drawers. And, it is all mine!!
:: That second picture is of a building we pass on a side street in Canandaigua almost every time we are there. I want Ron to build me a replica in the backyard. I love it so.
:: I like that we still hold hands while walking down the street.

gelato 2
gelato 1

:: Homemade gelato at a little place called The Muar House is freaking awesome. We shared a bowl of Peanut Butter Chunk. yum.
:: And they have wicked cool murrini light fixtures that I think I should have in my studio.
:: We heard there was a double rainbow over this town just a couple hours after we left. I am so bummed we missed it.
:: Sooo thankful for the cool weather that the rain that caused the rainbow brought with it though. This weekend has felt amazing.
:: Sooo thankful too for the fact that 16 years later, we have plenty of conversations that have nothing to do with the kids.

gelato 3
at the lake

:: My hair tastes good. HA!
:: He took me out for Thai food for dinner and I decided I don't think I like Thai food.
:: But I love cheesecake and I love it even more when he shares his slice of chocolate cheesecake with me in exchange for some of my marble cheesecake.
:: On Saturday morning, I decided to paint my bed frame blue and he was okay with that!
:: Thanks to my MOM for giving us the opportunity to have a wonderful 24 hours together.


Ellen said...

What an absolutely wonderful time you two had together. I feel like I was right there with you. Did you feel me breathing down your neck? ha!

Lorelei said...

my earrings look so good on you too, how sweet!
Looks like you had a great weekend!

Christine said...

Fantastic! What a great date night!
Lucky you. :)

mairedodd said...

sounds like a wonderful time - each notation making my heart ache with joy and gratitude for you...

Spirited Earth said...

so cool you could get away..
that is some yummy looking desert
and who's earrings are you wearing in that cute photo of you and your guy?

Kerry said...

Those are Lorelei Eurto earrings.

Anonymous said...

wow---what a nice lovely time!!
And that light fixture SO belongs in your studio!!
Kim (Texas)

AliBaubles said...

It's great and very much needed when parents get some kid free time. Sounds like the pair of you had an awesome time, and the pictures are fab, especially the photo of the gelato which looks sooooo good *drool, schlurp* I did laugh out loud at "my hair tastes great"....too funny! :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Such a delight. I love how you view the world, Kerry. It is not the big things, but the little ones that make a difference. The fact that you still hold hands is charming, and just the way it should be.

Enjoy the day!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I agree that holding hands is a good thing. We are married 9 years and I love it when my husband grabs my hand in church or while we are walking down the street.
You made me realize how long it has been since we had a date night...*sigh* and Lorelei's earrings are adorable.

stregata said...

Sounds like it was a great little getaway.
Congrats on that drawer cabinet - what a find!