Friday, September 17, 2010

Mindfully Blissful

evan's hat
I am truly loving the rhythm of my days right now. When the afternoon sun floats through the windows at the end of the day, the air seems to be glowing. And when the sun isn't warm our hearts from that perfect Fall time angle, then we are wrapped in clouds and rain. The clouds and rain have me tending wood stove fires and making slow cooked meals that feed more than an empty tummies. I am finding myself able to let more go so I can take a few moments to knit another row of a cute baby hat for a friend, or make a cup of tea and chat with a friend on the phone. Who cares if the laundry doesn't get folded today or if the dishes go unwashed or if I haven't swept. It is okay. All the while life is going around me, I am spending hours and hours in my studio. Bead after bead is formed at my hands and I love the solitude.

I know that this won't last forever. By February, I will no doubt be feelings lonely rather than free. The mounds of snow will eventually bury my spirit and the monotony will be too much. Something will snap in my mind and Carrie will be beside her self at the size of dust bunnies I let grow. For now though, for right now, I am so so completely blissed-out and I am taking time to stop, be thankful for the happiness, smile, and move through my days a little more carefree than usual.

Look, I bought some flowers to mark the bliss. Isn't their color so beautiful... unnatural for sure, but so pretty none the less. I hope you are finding something good in your days right now too.



Christine said...

Love this.

I wrote about the autumn light a bit's so beautiful, isn't it? Glad you are feeling the peace of the new season. See you next weekend!

Anonymous said...

I spy a vase that matches someone's dishes. . . :)

Hoping to catch some of the rhythm of the season once we have a "normal" again here. And once I figure out how to teach a full-time load with ease again. Then it will be January & I'll be back to 1 class with too much time on my hands. Interesting parallels for our winter season rhythm, eh?

Kerry said...

L2, oh yes you do spy a matching carafe for flowers!! I found it on etsy and couldn't resist. Ron loves it too!! (though he likes it for wine tasting) We do have a similar rhythm to our winters, hmmm... we should make sure the other doesn't get too lonely.

hey Chris! love love love Autumn evening light. LOVE it!

TesoriTrovati said...

You are my 'something good' Kerry.

Enjoy the day!