Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Twisted Tuesdays - Countdown to ArtBLISS!

I just checked my calendar and I can hardly believe that ArtBLISS is just 18 days away!! I still have a megaton of work to do in that short time, but lots of the little details are falling into place. I couldn't be more excited. Seriously, this is going to be an amazingly fantastic event. Think: rocking workshops meets girly slumber party. Yeah, it is gonna be fun.

I wanted to be sure to let you know, there are still a few spots available in my classes!! Come on, you know you wanna come and join the fun!!

I am teaching K.reating A.rt B.eads on Saturday the 25th. This is an introduction to lampworking class designed for beginners that have never so much as lit a torch before. No worries, I am going to walk you through it every step of the way. And being that it is for beginners, I don't expect you to know what tools to buy for class. I am doing it for you! I just listed on my website, a special RESERVED listing, a class kit for my students. (Please, if you are not a student, do not purchase this item.) So, students, just show up to class, ready to learn, and all the tools/supplies/materials will be set up waiting for you!! Then, at the end of the day, we will safely package up these goodies for you to take home with you to your garage or kitchen or basement studios. how perfect is that?!? Also, as a little heads up, if you want more glass than what is provided in the kits, I will have additional rods available for $1 each!

Some of you maybe wondering what a lampworking class is like, and it is a good thing to wonder. I thought I would share with you how I plan to run my classes. It is going to start with an introduction where I talk about my experience, what we are working with, and I will cover all the important things like tools and, most importantly, safety. I am going to teach everyone how to light the torch and get started via a demonstration that is watched by students first. Then, I will let the learners have a go. We are gonna keep it simple at first. Just making solid color spacers will be tackled before lunch. After we eat, we will dig a bit deeper with another demo by me on pulling stringers and applying dots. You can trust me when I say, that is gonna keep you busy for a while when I let you all have a go at it. When ever students are working, I will be floating from station to station giving everyone some one on one instruction. We will finish the day with another demo by me that will cover a few of the more advanced techniques. I will show you things like encasing, making discs, and I may even have time to make a hollow or two. That last demo will give the student torches time to cool and that will end our time together. Sound good?

Before any of this happens on Saturday though, Cindy W and Jeanette B have a really great Friday night event planned... The Meet & Greet Reception! I can't wait!! ( I keep saying that, but I can't help it. I am really that excited!) I am actually, hopefully, planning on having a few NEW project kits available for sale at this event!! Fingers crossed I can get them done :) And I am so so excited to finally get to meet these other instructors. If I weren't teaching, it would be hard to choose which class to take!

After classes on Saturday will be another exciting event. Students are welcome to open up their hotel room doors for a ArtBliss Trunk Show Row! Yeah, it is the students turns to sell their wears. I can't think of another event in the world that give you this option. It is a brilliant idea, in my opinion! Set up mini trunk shows in your room, fellow students can drop in a shop. It doesn't get any better.

Sunday will be another jam packed day as I teach a new class called Bang A Rangs! This class was developed with some of the things I have learned from my previous teaching experiences this year. Hmmm... so you didn't think learning just one bracelet was really worth the price and you wanted more? OKAY! I am game! How about three bracelets? Yeah! That is what Bang A Rang is. We will be learning three fantastic bangle projects through out this day long class. I am telling you, you will leave this class with a wealth of inspiration and bangle making knowledge. The kit fee on this class is $75 and will include a set of 18 OOAK lampwork glass beads made by me (OMG, I know, right) and all the copper/sterling/colored wire you will need. I added a listing for this class kit on my website for you too! PLUS, if you are taking Saturday's class, you can bring your beads to this class and work them into the bangles we'll be making. Instant gratification jewelry, I tell ya.

So that is that. ArtBliss will be here really soon and I am positively over the moon about it. Seriously, you shouldn't miss out. I mean, the hotel is only $69 a night! Grab a friend and get your behinds to DC!!


Christine said...

WOOO!!! I cannot wait! I'm FINALLY going to get to meet you for real! :D

And the classes! OH! I am so excited! I should totally scrape up the $$ for a hotel room so I can hang out Friday night!

hfinkle said...

Looking forward to these classes! I can't believe that they are right around the corner. See you Friday night!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

I can already hardly wait but your really getting me amped up!! It's gonna be SO much fun!

Cindy said...

Kerry, you're getting us all so excited about the event! Thank goodness I'll be there too...wouldn't want to miss out. Hey wait, we're rooming together! Talk about a slumber party!!! :-) Thanks for spreading the word and for this fantastic write-up!

sandi m said...

This sounds sooo wonderful!! I'd be there in a NY minute, but sadly I'm in Chgo...
Have a great time teaching all those lucky peeps. :)

Holly said...

::sigh:: I so wish I could attend! Ah well...maybe next time! DC is beautiful this time of year :) Have fun everyone!