Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Typical Hump Day

unhinged beads 5
I have on my plate a very full "hump day". It is that middle of the week kinda day that has everything planned for it, and it is gonna be a p.i.t.a., but by the end of it, I will be one day closer to what will be an awesome weekend! Today, I am meeting with a potential new therapist for Andrew, I am getting my hair cut, meeting with Andrew's care coordinator, and then I have a football meeting for Jacob. I am doing all this today while nursing a very sore throat and stuffy nose (yep, I got the kids' colds, ugh). I am not complaining though. It is miserably dreary out, so naturally, my spirits are high and I am actually looking forward to the distractions of the day.

And, like I said, it means I am one day closer to Friday and the start of The Inaugural Event at ArtBliss. Today's beady photos are from kits I finished up over the weekend. The top photo is for Unhinged bangles!! If you want to hear a little about Unhinged's history, check out my February 2008 post about them! (It is one of my favorite posts I have ever written actually.) I call it up all the time, in my mind, and sometimes for others too. I was hoping to have 18 of these kits made, alas, the cold I have made is so I only have 14, but oh well. I can make more later. If by chance, any of the 14 are left post ArtBliss, it will be one of the new kits I release in the coming days!! Stay turned for that!!

Below are beads for a completely new design. Well, not completely new, it is kinda a hybrid of a design with a twist. Can I tell you a secret? When I proposed this class, I knew I would make 3 bangles with my students, and I knew what 2 of them would be off the bat, but, um, I didn't actually figure out the 3rd design until last Friday. Yeah, potentially irresponsible of me as an instructor, but it all worked out in the end! The new design can be seen here: Sample Bangle. Not a very glamorous name, I know, but the ones we make in class with be called "Create-A-Bang". In honor of all the "create"ing we will be doing this weekend, each student will have a "create" bead as a focal and I hope it becomes a sweet keepsake from our time together. The construction for it is actually very similar to my 2006 design seen in the background of this bracelet grouping. Anyone remember those?!? Yep, that bracelet eventually went on to be "Sandy Lanterns", one of my earliest projects seen in Step By Step Wire magazine!! Now wasn't that a fun little stroll down memory lane!?!

What has you busy this fine Wednesday?

create bangle beads


AliBaubles said...

I hope you feel better soon! It's hard enough trying to fit 24 hours into just a few short hours at the best of time.......I think it's that time of the year, because there seems to be lots of yucky stuff going around our neck of the woods, and it's frustrating because I can never tell if it's a cold or allergies.....bah humbug!

Love the new beads and design.....they rock, and are seriously droolable :P

Jo said...

Beautiful beads as always! I love the way you mix your colours!
HOpe you're feeling better soon.

Cindy said...

Kerry, that top photo rocks! Just LOVE it. Did you use the new lens for that one?? :-)
Thanks for the wak down Memory Lane...of course I do remember those 2006 bracelets. I can't beieve there was a time when you used pearls, but you did do pearl dangles a litte bit back then. It's been amazing watching you transform through the years. :-)

Mellisa said...

Busy day is right! Love the "create" beads, such fun colors... Hope you feel better soon :)

N Valentine Studio said...

As always I love this new bracelet style! You are so creative always coming up with something new!

N Valentine Studio said...

As always I love this design. You are so creative always coming up with new things!