Friday, September 03, 2010

'Cause We Live By A Big Lake, Ya Know

ontario beach park 1
ontario beach park 3
ontario beach park 4
ontario beach park 5
ontario beach park 8
ontario beach park 11
ontario beach park 14
ontario beach park 19
It is easy to forget sometimes that we live just moments from a really really big lake. The shores of Lake Ontario are a few miles away. With the heat being oppressive this week and the boredom running high, I decided that we needed an afternoon out of the house. So, that is just what we did yesterday. Jacob decided he wanted to stay home (yeah, he has been having weird anxiety about the possibility of crowds lately, I blame it on almost being 13) making it just Andrew, Lauren, and me. The beach was near deserted with only a few dozen people there. The sun was blaring at first, but the wind picked up and clouds quickly rolled in. It made for a wonderfully relaxing couple of hours.

Now, as we face our last official weekend of summer, there are lots of fun times to be had. Today, the kids are going to be picked up for an over night adventure with my Mom. She has "tasks" planned for them that is sure to cause a laugh or two. They will be picking these tasks out of a bowl to earn goodies while they are there. So, picking your nose like Aunt Bonnie and telling Pappy you love him 6 times could earn them a mini candy bar. And writing a poem to Gerty, the dog, could lead to getting to pick the movie for the night. HA! Then, tomorrow, my Mom has a Thanksgiving in the Summer picnic on tap. YEAH, turkey, mash potatoes, corn on the cob, and apple pie! Monday, we will be watching the Rochester Red Wings at Frontier Field. Dang. The weekend hasn't even started and I am already tired!!

What do you and yours have planed for this holiday weekend? And, I hope my East Coast friends are staying safe in the wake of Hurrican Earl.


Christine said...

I love it when you post pics of Rochester and the surrounding area. Lots of good memories of Ontario beach and the Charlotte side of the pier. My grandma lives on the other side of the inlet.

Your mom has some fun ideas! Love it! Have a relaxing holiday weekend and enjoy it all!

Ellen said...

We're starting our weekend at our big lake tonight. The waves on Lake Michigan are supposed to be big ones so we're driving over (we're only 30 min. away) for something to eat and some wave-watchin'.

Nonie said...

Have a fantastic weekend! We will most likely have some cleaning up to do as we listen to the obnoxious sound of the generator. LOL. Hopefully not. We are all saying a little prayer here on Cape Cod.

Tara P. said...

What is it about beach pictures that just makes everything so much better? Reminds me of living right off Lake Superior. Love the pictues - they made me smile!

kelleysbeads said...

Yay for time at the lake, a kid-free evening and Mom's potato salad! Have an excellent weekend, Kerry!!!

We will be re-arranging rooms/furniture, napping, reading, doing yardwork and, um, did I say napping?

Rebecca said...

Awesome pictures Kerry, I love big lakes where you can't see the other side - I long to live near the water! One day I'll live near the shore. You guys look like you had a fantastic time.

Cindy said...

Your parents are such wonderful Grandparents! What a great idea...they are sure to have a blast!!

Janet said...

Great plans! Your children have such a great Mother anyone can see that. The Lake looks grand! I bet your kids are having a super time at your Moms. Weekend? Still hot here will just relax, but come Tuesday well be going to meet my friend Helen Simon for the 1st time. Very excited! Her Lampwork like yours is wonderful! Happy weekend Kerry!