Monday, September 20, 2010

How Can It Be?

heart cloud floating by
:: this lovely heart cloud just floated by my backyard
:: two out of three of my kids have colds, ugh
:: getting sick myself over the next two weeks is NOT an option
:: i am feeling the last minute crunch to be ready for artbliss, everything ships today
:: so so excited about tomorrow's twisted tuesday, it is gonna be awesome

mom's birthday
:: my mom turned 52 yesterday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I LOVE YOU!!
:: i feel like i am forgetting something really important, hmmmmm...
:: oh, it is a super cold toes kinda day, seriously cold toes
:: i knit the cowl below up quick over the weekend for a gift to a friend, love it
:: ya know what, i have way too much work to do, i gotta go!

lucy's cowl


Mary Ellen said...

The cowl turned out great! Loving eyes have it-used up all the wire I had and can't wait to get more to finish!

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry
Did that package make it out? I know there's so much to remember, but I'm sure it will all be fine! I understand that feeling...feeling as if you are forgeting something! I know I need to start a new list and double check it with all that's going on this week. I hope your Mom had a fantastic birthday!