Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conference Room Snippets

at sea 6
Bang A Rangers sporting their bangles!
Since I got home from The Bead Cruise, I have been trying to decide just how to unload all my cruising adventures on y'all in a way that 1)doesn't bore you, 2)gives you an idea of just what an amazing experience it was, 3)doesn't drag talking about the cruise into next month, and 4)shows you the most images possible without slowing your computer screen loading times to a complete crawl. Um, really now, I took about 1000 photos. Quite frankly, I don't have the time to edit them all and I know you don't have the time to view them all.

So, with my handy dandy note paper near by, I jotted down a few post titles in an attempt to get it all organized. I think it's going to work. Here is what you'll have to look forward to over the coming days.

Conference Room Snippets (today)
9286, A Room With A View (tomorrow)
Oh My Old San Juan (thurs)
Film Footage Friday (fri)
Random Monday Memories (next mon)
More of The Ports & Previews (next tues)

It's a good list, don't you think? Yes. Then, by next Wednesday, we can start to return to our regularly scheduled blogging with things like new kits, progress on the studio move, and other things me.

beads at sea 2
Heather's table full of beady treats at the evening Bead Bazaar
beads at sea 3
Students Barbara and Marie waiting to hear Tracy's presentation at Open Beading
beads at sea 4
My new teaching bff, Tracy Stanley
On The Bead Cruise, when it came to the groups' activity of choice (beading, d'uh) we really hit the ground running. On the first day at sea (Sunday) we had a full day of classes. Which was followed by our first formal night in the dinning room... Fillet Mignon anyone? I taught my group of 8 wire whippers my Bang A Rangs class and over the 6 hours together we made my Bang Gals, Remember To, and Mixed Up bangles. My students came in as Coiling Cadets and left as Commanders, I kid you not. I showed them all the tricks I had up my sleeves including my secrets to two-tone coiling.

The second day at sea, I taught my half day Frameworks class in the afternoon. It was a much smaller group which really worked out great. With more time for individualized attention, everyone was able to finish there bracelets in class. Which is something I know means a lot to students. They are always happiest when they leave a class with a finish project.

beads at sea 5
Heather announcing the nightly door prize winners.
beads at sea 6
Jill doing a presentation on the life cycle of designs and how to make projects into something unique to you.

Classes all took place on Deck 2 of the ship in the Conference Center. It was just like the fancy conference centers of major hotels... only it was on a boat... that was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean... coolness. Only down side, on the days we were having 9-10foot swells (aka waves) that 2nd floor was really rocking. Thankfully, I didn't suffer any sea sickness at all!! I think I have my vertigo to thank for that... I'm used to being dizzy and swaying.

But I digress.

Continuing with the beady goodness... on Monday night we had The Queen's Ball. And I give you permission to refer to me fence forth as the Baroness of Wire. That's what our amazing leader, Heather Powers, dubbed me and I'm keeping the name. I think it suits me. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera down to the Ixtapa lounge for the party that night, but so so many others did! I'm sure you'll see photos pop up from other photographers soon. It was such a BLAST to see everyone sporting their handmade fascinators!!

One of the fun things about the Bead Cruise is the Bead Bazaar, Presentations, and Open Beading. There are nearly 60 people in our group and naturally they can't all take every class. So the bazaar is an opportunity for students to meet all the instructors. Plus, they can get beads and kits from the classes they didn't take and learn from the instructors they didn't get to be in class with through the presentations. I spent a good half hour talking all about coiling for my presentation... which led to selling out of the coilers I brought and I stumbled upon and FANTASTIC new idea for seedbeaders to add wire to their work. The talented Jill Wiseman is going to get on that little diddy for me. Cuz I don't do seedbeads. No way, Jose.

The very last night of the cruise... after I ordered 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, AND 2 desserts at dinner, we had the big farewell party. Students had spent the whole week working on secret projects and it was finally time for the design contest. We had some seriously talented people in our midst. Prizes were awarded for Most Intense, Simply Sweet, and Show Favorite after votes were tallied. Then... the picture snapping commenced!! It was seriously like something off the red carpet with a sea of paparazzi flash bulbs going off for about 30 mins straight. I snapped Instagrams with each of the other teachers... Heather, Tracy, Jill, and my favorite lady, Beverly Herman (Heather's Mom). Beverly is an absolute sweetheart and OMG, an amazing instructional illustrator. Her project pattern graphics are nothing short of brilliant. If you have the chance, you must take a class with her!!

Okay, I think that's about enough for one afternoon.

teachers on beadcruise


Sandra Young said...

Very cool bracelets there! Looking forward to future installments!

Cindy said...

Was looking forward to the photos! It is so cool to see you, Heather, Tracy, and the ladies in action! I know you had a blast and looking forward to seeing more photos!

Francesca DeCaire said...

Was looking forward to this. It was neat to bump into you today. Can't wait for future posts.

Seriously, bead Cruise. You are a rock star to me. As you were exiting Wegmans, I was like J, look, that's Kari!

Kerry said...

You really are a hoot Francesca! And your son is precious!

sandi m said...

Hi Kerry,
I just got my mail and the new SBS Wire Jewelry issue.... beaucoup Congratulations on joining the editorial staff!!! How exciting for you and all of us. I see wonderful doors of opportunities opening for you.

Look forward to the rest of your Bead Cruise adventures. I attended Heather's MI retreat last Fall; she is a wonderful teacher and host. I loved my Tracy classes, too. Someday, hope to attend one of yours.

Now, go celebrate!!

Kerry said...

EEEKKKK! Sandi!! You've discovered my secret news!! I haven't seen the issue yet, so I hadn't made the announcement. Thanks for letting me know it is available :) and for the lovely words of praise.

Francesca DeCaire said...

My apologies Kerry, I misspelled your name. I had a friend who spelled her name that way.