Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cold Sun

cold sun 1
cold sun 2
cold sun 3

Lauren has been hit with a nasty stomach bug that arrived with the return of freezing temps. Despite the bright sun pouring in the windows, it was bitter cold outside. I went around the yard and picked every daffodil before the hard freeze. About a dozen or so were in bloom along our front walk. Why let them stay outside and wither away? I'm loving the bold yellow glow they give off.

Sigh, until the little girly here is fever free for a full 24 hours, we'll be bumming around home rotting our brains with rerun episodes of Glee on Netflix. It's times like these that I tell myself I really should have a second set of tools and supplies here at home to work with when I can't get to the studio. Darn it! I guess I'll knit instead.

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mairedodd said...

oh, i hope she is feeling better and that everyone else has avoided the cooties... they grow fast as you know, so just cuddle your girl and enjoy glee!