Friday, March 30, 2012

... and then she was 9.

lauren at 9 a

Oh my stars... that girl. MY girl! Today she is NINE.

Time rarely feels like it's flying by when I look back on her years since she was born into our family. When I stop to think about it, I can hardly remember a time when she wasn't around. I feel like it has been me and her, attached at the hips, always. And I feel like I am waiting (im)patiently for her to become the awesome woman I know she'll be so she can be my best friend.

That time will be here before I know it and when it comes, I know there are things that will have been lost in my memory along the way. So, for posterity...

:: that hair... we call it frazy-crazy. Favorite styles are "Aunt Bonnie Buns", "Side Down Poenies", "Wet Braids", and "High Up Pig Tails"
:: she can scream like a banshe and cuddle like the sweetest puppy
:: monkey love conitues to reign supreme over teddy beads
:: as one commenter mentioned... yep, she still starts conversations with a thoughtful "Momma", and we spell it that way because that's how my Mom always spelled it, and I like it that way
:: she is a pack rat saving every single thing as special... she can seriously find the "special" in anything... part of me thinks that it awesome! the other part thinks she'll be on Hoarders someday
:: she wanted to master a cartwheel last year and she did... she is working on her round offs now
:: current bff(s)... Abby, Katelyn, Maria, and Georgia... and pretty much any other person she mentions... she thinks of everyone as her best friend
:: Daddy is in the habit of cutting her nails too short these days, she hates it
:: She sneaks treats out of Daddy's candy stash to make up for the above offense
:: M & (freaking) M's.
:: she loves to sing and wants to be on a tv singing show... any of them.
:: c.r.a.f.t.s. she has a drawer in her room devoted to her supplies and when any gift giving thing comes up she is the first to think of something to make and give
:: curently crochetting chains, painting, doodling, and writing love letters are her best artistic skills
:: her sense of style makes me proud... that girl is bold and daring and doesn't care if someone has a problem with the way she works stripes and plaids
:: she is currently reading Harry Potter, by herself
:: her nightowl nature has me shouting TURN THE LIGHT OFF until 10pm every night.
:: still doesn't eat fruit... hates eating breakfast... and loves homemade chicken fingers (tonight's dinner)
:: birthday cake request this year... two layers, chocolate, purple frosting, and the retro Barbie logo in pink icing
:: did I mention that hair, and the snuggling?

Momma LOVES you!

lauren at 9 b
lauren at 9 c
lauren at 9 d

Do you remember the photos I shared when she was four, when she was five, or when she was six, how about when she was seven, and when she was eight and we rocked the house? She has been a part of this blog for 7 years... she's growing up before your eyes!


TesoriTrovati said...

She is an amazingly beautiful young lady who is certainly growing into her stylish and oh so pretty self. Thank you for always sharing her with us. Have the happiest of days Miss Lauren! And happy 9th anniversary of the day she changed your life forever, Miss Kerry! Enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

These are the days, Kerry.

Ann H.

mairedodd said...

so hard to believe it has been a year since the runway party!
happiest birthday lauren - and to her beautiful momma -
it makes me smile to hear how you talk about her - em and i have that kind of a relationship now... and i am still doing her hair!

Melissa Meman said...

Love this post! Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Lorin said...

My oh my Kerry!
It's so crazy to read your words describing Lauren because MY Lauren is almost identical (same personality & crazed hair) lol...
My girl is 18 now and the best friend I have ever had... Sniffs...*grabs a kleenex*
Hang on tight because the next time you blink, she'll be all grown up!!!

SummersStudio said...

She's wonderful, awesome, amazing and beautiful and looks a lot like her Momma. Happy Birthday!

Susan said...

She is as beautiful - and from the sound of your post - as sweet as she was when she was 3. Please tell her that Susan says "Happy Birthday!"

Susan said...

She is as beautiful - and from the sound of your post - as sweet as she was when she was 3. Please tell her that Susan says "Happy Birthday!"

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

What a sweet tribute to your lovely girl. Brought tears to my eyes that she has a momma who sees her and appreciates her for who she is and who she will be. She is as blessed to have you as you are to have her. I'll be looking forward to her 10th birthday, too.

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...
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Cindy said...

Kerry..just catching up! What a GREAT post! And yes, I absolutely do remember ALL of those posts (like yesterday, just about)! Love the pictures of Lauren - she looks so HAPPY! I can't believe she and Collin are the same age for just a little while....