Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Monday

One if my favorite things
Beach grass green

:: oh how I'm loving Instagrams these days... little vintage inspired snippets of moments from my days
:: the cold weather has returned and my toes feel frozen solid
:: it feels like ages since a book series really sucked my in... Soulless: The Parasol Protectorate has completely run away with every moment of my free time. I started book #3 yesterday.
:: The Hunger Games was the last series I was glued to... I saw the movie Friday night in a packed theater and LOVED it!
:: speaking of Friday... I picked a color called Beach Grass Green to paint the door of my new studio
:: the studio is *supposed* to be ready by April 1st for me to move in... I have a feeling it might not be ready
:: I'm still reeling from the excitement of sharing all that studio news last week... book edits turned in last Thursday, sweet
:: looking around my living room at the moment has be feeling like I need to do some major cleaning today
Swan walk at bazil's

:: I went out on a dinner date with my sons on Saturday night... must do that more often
:: Jacob is going to be going on Spring Break with his best friend's family this year... excited for him, but sad that his first trip to Disney won't be with us
:: I ordered some fun new tools from Rio Grande and I can't wait to have them at the studio to play with
:: wishing those tools would get here sooner rather than later... sometimes I think inspiration will slip away in the waiting and I'll be idealess when it comes time to work
:: I hope the apple trees survive the cold snap
:: dang my cold toes are really distracting... must get some socks on
:: Lauren said yesterday "Mom, I think adults are spoiled... do you think your spoiled?" I asked her, "What makes you think we're spoiled?" "You get to buy things all the time and do what ever you want." I stifled a laugh.
:: Hmmm... she might be right, but adults earn the right to be spoiled, yes?
:: Here is to an afternoon of reading and tea after cleaning... yes, just a wee bit spoiled.

Irondequoit Bay
Me & My Boys


RockerJewlz said...

Lauren's spoiled comment about adults make me THAT's funny! She's still looking through rose colored glasses, so that's good.

Kerry, I want you to know how marvelous it is for us out here that you are so loyal in your blogging. When I'm bored at my computer, I almost always think, oh, I wonder what Kerry posted today!

I know it is not easy to be so loyal with a really have to WANT to do it and I'm just glad YOU really want to inform, educate, and most of all, entertain us.

Thank you!

Cindy said...

Kerry, I noticed that Lauren's quote didn't start with, "Momma" this time! :-( Well, after all she'll be a year older tomorrow!
I LOVE the paint color you chose.
I cannot believe Jacob is going to Disney...and hard, I know, not to share this milestone with him!
I LOVE the picture with the Bogert Boys!