Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Vlogging

The video above was taped on Wednesday when it was a hot 80 degrees... and I must say, it's BLOOMING HOT. Look at the size of my Magnolia Tree flowers on Thursday (another 80degree day).

My magnolia tree blooms are as big as my face!


Tracy Stanley-Wired Arts said...

So much fun to get my Kerry fix... Miss you! Can't wait to read your are amazing.

sandi m said...

Hi Kerry,
Loved "watching" you!
Yeah, you made the official announcement regarding your new job. Again, so happy for you.
Maybe, someday, you'll get to Chicago area to teach...or maybe at Bead and Button?
Yup, we're having 80 here, too.

Barbara said...

****waves back****

I'm so excited!!!! thanks for the shout out!!!

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

What a lot of EXCITING stuff you have going on. Congratulations on the column in Step by step wire and on the new book and on Bead Fest. The vlog is a fun idea.