Thursday, March 29, 2012


Renovations in my new studio were kicked into high gear this week! Lauren *was* feeling better (and was fever free) this morning so, as soon as she was on the bus, I high tailed it right into work to check out the progress. Sadly, right when I found my groove, school called saying Lauren was sick again and I had to go pick her up. UGH.

Before I left though, I snapped a few pictures. Here is a peek at the State of The NEW Studio... then and now.

progress 1
Feb 14th 2012 - this was back on the first day I laid eyes on the space. Look at the graffiti and hole in the wall on the right!!

progress 7
Today - Hole and graffiti gone!

progress 4
Last Friday (March 23rd 2012)  - I painted the door but little else had changed at the time. Drywall wasn't mudded and lots of trash. Remnants of the old drop ceiling were still visible.

progress 8
Today - walls are mudded and some of the junk has been tossed. The old drop ceiling tracks have been removed and walls repaired.
progress 2
Feb 14th 2012 - nasty sink and water heater, ugh.

progress 6
Today - new knee wall, water heater and yucky sink are gone.


SummersStudio said...

I love the feel of this studio space. I also love being able to see you progress through the reno and make it your own. Hope your girl feels better soon. I often think that one of the hardest parts of being a mother is when our babies are unwell.

mairedodd said...

wonderful progress!
but so sorry about lauren... em has a fever right now over 101 and she doesn't get them usually... and i get the phone call from school... i think it is why i have a hard time digging in before 9-10, i am afraid my 'flow' is going to get broken...
sending well wishes to the little brown eyed girl...
and continued studio surprises to her mama -

Cindy said...

Very exciting...and you painted the door!!!

I didn't realize the condition of the studio, it is seriously going through a major transformation!

Heather Behrendt said...

Looking good so far. Looking forward to seeing the end results :)