Monday, December 10, 2007

Beads Beads Beads

Alrighty then... the beads are up... go nuts!!

I kinda wimped out on descriptions last night so I will elaborate here. As I was going along (all last week) I thought I was being inspired by my painted chairs that I use at art shows. But then I started grouping the beads and I thought they were looking more like quilt blocks. Cool huh?

I toyed with lots of new designs. My favorite is the "quilted" or "tuffed" style beads that are in Quilter's Block 1 & 2. I also had fun making lines wiggle instead of perfectly straight. You are gonna see things that I have never offered before too. Like HOLLOWS, yoo hooo!! I think I have finally started getting consistent size and wall thickness on these so I can now start work on my hollow necklace (can't wait). Oh, and BUTTONS!! I get asked all the time (I mean a lot) if I sell buttons. I made a set of BIG discs, wired them up and ta da... buttons!! And how could I forget... BHBs... big hole beads!

I could think of cool things to do with any (and all) of these beads. I hope you'll love 'em too!!


Anonymous said...

These are just STUNNING!!! The color combinations are BEAUTIFUL! Do you ever sell single beads? (I don't know how much of a pain in the butt that would be for you to do, but i'd love to have odd ones to thread on a lanyard or something!)


Kerry said...

Thanks Hilary!

No, I don't usually sell single beads. It would be a pain in the backside. If there is a single, it is usually a focal.