Monday, December 31, 2007


I know it is the last day of the year and I should be reflective and all.... but I am actually feeling really fresh and excited! So why not end 2007 with a new design? Why wait until tomorrow, saying I made it in 2008? LOL!

I have hinted for a few weeks that I have lots of new designs in my sketchbook. And yesterday (while the mousse was setting and my kids were sticking their fingers in it) I finally got a chance to just sit at my desk and play. It has literally been weeks since I could just sit, without expectations, and play with my wire. This new piece is one that has been floating on the edges of my thoughts, working itself out (fabrication wise), and teasing me as it was there.

Come on Kerry, make me... make me... it'll only be a minute.
No bangle you have to wait... I have to get these orders done.

This started formulating in my head one day when I was browsing the BeadingDaily website. They have loads of free tutorials, including one of mine! If you hunt, you'll see my tutorial that was featured on the Step By Step Beads website for making Disc Beads. The project, Gypsy Wire Bangle, really stuck with me. I really like the technique the author used to make loops on the bangle base for adding embellishments. But how to make it my own?

I didn't think just adding lampwork beads was enough to really make it my own. Rather then making a full bangle, all the way around, I decided to go back to my Sandy Lanterns style bangle (Step By Step Wire Spring 2007 & Step By Step Jewelry Holiday Edition 2007).

Ta Da!! Now it is more my own!!

I made the base bangle about a week ago and waited on the beads. Lots of different ideas popped into my head and I don't really know what made me go with these beads. But dang if it isn't the absolute funnest bangle I have seen in a long time!! I am thinking of calling it "The Cup Cake Bangle". I just found this new (to me) blog by Betz White and I love those felted cupcakes, plus I think these bead clusters look like these fabulous cakes at Cake Nouveau. Check out the "Kerrytown" cake on page two!! Or the "Cuppy Cakes" on page four. But, Ron hates the name so it might get changed... who knows.

Warning about this little number... it is an attention getter. It is one you'll be playing with (I sat at a green light for an extra 15 seconds or so yesterday playing with it, lol) too. It looks like it would get in the way of things and I'll admit, it bugged me when I was wearing my coat (my sleeve kept shifting it) but I will say, the minute I took my coat off at the party I went to, it was fine. Family picnics are a good test for any piece of jewelry in my opinion... we played games... we drank wine... we ate tons of good food... we chatted with our hands... we gave lots of hugs... and not once did it bang something, get stuck on something, and put itself in any sort of peril. So I say it is a keeper!! This is a really terrible photo of me wearing it, it really looks so much cooler in person!!

Who caught that? Did you read that closely enough... I said I sat and played with wire yesterday but I also said I made the bangle base last week.... hmmm... I wonder if that means I will have new designs tomorrow too?


Anne said...

That is GREAT! It made me smile when the picture opened. The new glass headpins are very fun and make it more "you" as well, and shooting against the dark part of the photo paper makes it look even more like an art piece.

Tell Ron to MYOB because it is tough to come up with good names. :)

Cindy said...

Beautiful, Kerry! Wow! What an eye-catcher! It is so very you. How did you get the bangle to stand up in the photo...any clear thread involved? These pictures are fabulous.
~ Cindy

Anonymous said...


Iffen i was to chose the first pic is stellar and the third is a close second.

Love Sister

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like the style of the cat in the hat.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Those are really cute! I don't know why my customers won't buy bangles. Lord knows I love them.

Still enjoying the purple bracelet you made for me!!!! :-)

Happy 2008!