Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Me & Knitting

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't knit. I find it fascinating, I mean I don't have anything against it personally. But what can I say, we learn from those we love and my Mom crochets... so I don't knit.

I have attempted to learn in the past. There was this one time over margaritas.... lets just say that margaritas clog the mind and just cause you were doing it the night before, doesn't mean you can do it the next morning. And we'll leave that margarita story at that.

I have struggled with what to do/make for someone special this holiday (who shall remain nameless just in case she pops in here). She is picky, and moody, but very dear to me. I like to make things and just couldn't think what to do for her. During an exceptionally long Esty daydream (aka surf session), I found a bunch of really cool capelets. What is a capelet you ask? Well, basically it is a shoulder wrap. I decided that was it... the thing I had to make the mystery gift recipient.

I stared long and hard at lots of different capelets and decided I couldn't do a make shift crocheted Kerry version. It was time to try again at knitting. I winged over an email to my good friend and favorite knitter, Lindsey. And yesterday we made a whole day of it!!

There is a local yarn shop going out of business. Everything is 50% off... YOO HOO!! We loaded our girls in the van and headed out on the knitting adventure. I found lots of beautiful yarn (the one above it Gedifra Byzanz #1645, I love the little flecks of metallic) for this project and future ones. And I might even go back again tomorrow. We then hurried back to town, dropped Lauren at preschool, and hit the local Panera for my first lesson. After all the yarn shopping, we had to have hot chocolate!!

Lindsey is a wonderful teacher. She taught me all the things she said she wished someone taught her when she was learning. I can cast on all by myself (don't I sound like I'm 4 yrs old... "all by myself"), I can knit in one direction and purl in the other. AND most importantly, I don't freak out when the needles fall out, lol. AND I can do it at home with out her watching me!! Next lesson will be finishing it off, cause this little number is almost done.

Now don't be going all crazy. I don't want any questions about needle size, yarn gauge, stitch size or the number of rows. This knitting thing is just like when I learned to play the clarinet in 4th grade. I couldn't read a note of music, I played by ear.... right now, I couldn't read a pattern to save my life, I am knitting by sight, lol. But I am very very happy to have a warm and snuggly new winter pass time.


Leslie G. said...

AH! I am SO jealous! Knitting (and crochet for that matter) is something I have always, ALWAYS wanted to learn how to do, but I need very basic, baby steps taught to me. Great job Kerry! Looks good! I wish Lindsey could magically appear at my door step for Christmas......what a great present that would learn how to knit!

Cindy said...

Your latest project looks beautiful Kerry! this for your sister? :-) The recipient is going to love it!

~ Cindy

belvedere beads said...

oh, i know, all this holiday crafting is getting in the way of my bead making. please show us what the quilt looks like when you are done.