Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back On Track

You know, lots of people ask me if I give glass and/or jewelry as gifts. Usually not. I don't know why but I think that would be too easy and not all that thoughtful. My family and friends can get jewelry from me any day of the week, so why would they want to open something like that on a holiday? Well, I guess if I made something totally different, that they have never seen before that required lots of effort and it is super special... then I would make it. That is what today's photo is!! Those are hair sticks that I made special for my sister. She loved them!! She also was the recipient of that first time knitting project I showed and a homemade artist smock.

Things are slowing getting back on track around here. We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were up bright and early (7am) and they ripped through all the gifts by 8:30, lol. It is okay though, I think getting everything open fast means more family time. We get to have playtime together. We have been playing Othello, and riding the boys new RipStiks. I have been mesmerized for the past two days with Andrew's new Rubik's Cube... but I am very happy to announce that I solved that bad boy a few minutes ago thanks to, lol. I wouldn't have been able to go on with my life had it not been solved.

For Christmas dinner we travelled up to the city to my sister's apartment. (When I say "up to the city", I mean to Rochester, about a 20min drive, lol.) It was her first ever holiday hosting!! She was so excited to get to have everyone over to her house for once. It just isn't fair that the single member of the family always has to travel to where the families are. I think it will be a new tradition to travel to the single gal's for a holiday at least once a year!! Bonnie spoiled me with the best gift!! She painted me a pair of Mark Groaning inspired windows. I love them and can't wait to have them hanging in the studio.

I know I have been saying it for a few weeks now, but... I AM working on new designs!! Really, I am. I don't think right after Christmas is the best time to share them. I am sure every one's wallets were stretched thin filling all those stockings. But, I will share photos anyway as I finish them, and give details about when they will be available. I am working on color combos for "The Spring/Summer '08" line too. I would love to hear suggestions!!

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