Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where is my torch?

Have you seen my torch? No? Me neither!! I haven't gotten to sit behind my torch and make beads in what feels like ages!! It's actually been more like a week or so but still, I miss it. I think this hiatus will prove to be a blessing in disguise. The more I am away, the more ideas I am getting for things I want to do when I get back to it.

I guess there is no real rush to get back though. Last week's Bead Box update was a huge success (THANKS TO YOU ALL!!) and eBay stinks at the moment. So anything I would be making would be for me. Well, there are those few "I'm-in-no-hurry. Get-to-it-when-you-can." orders that came in last week. Once those are done though... nothing to do but play with glass!!

I am in the midst of pre-holiday frenzy. Who isn't, right? But I have a list, I have checked it twice (gotta make sure everyone is getting their fair share). I know which kids were naughty (no PS2 games under the tree this year, I am tellin' ya) and which ones were nice (I can't wait to hear Lauren squeal when she opens her new doll house). The boys pj's are all done and wrapped up under the tree. Lauren's poncho is finished too. And anyone else's gift I am making, I can't talk about because I don't trust people not to check here to see what they are getting. (Mom, I am talking to you.)

Tomorrow night is the annual Book Club holiday get together!! We are headed up to Bisque & Brush, another Paint Your Own Pottery type place. I am bringing something very chocolaty and a yummy bottle of red wine. The party place happens to be round the block from my sister, so I think we are hitting her place for our after party/book exchange.

I feel this may be one of the most boring blog posts I have had in a while! LOL!! I hemmed and hawed all day about what to write. Oh well... maybe I will have something more clever for you tomorrow.

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