Monday, December 03, 2007

Festive Freebies

Don't you just love post titles that have "free" in them? LOL. Yesterday, while it was blowing and snowing out, I made these adorable Christmas ornaments. Well, at least, they are adorable to me. I over estimated the amount of fabric I needed and ended up with a couple dozen!!

I thought to myself... what am I going to do with all these ornaments? Let Lauren give them to her friends at school? Put them in Christmas cards? Oh wait, I know... I'll give them to my customers!! After setting aside ones for my family, ones for friends... I have about a dozen extra and enough fabric to make a few dozen more.

So here is the deal... as my way of saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS and THANK YOU... all month long (until Dec 31st) there will be free shipping on any website purchase and I'll send you an ornament too. YOO HOOO!!! All you have to do is put the coupon code: kabsholiday in the box when you check out. I don't have much experience with these coupons, so if it doesn't work, don't fret... I'll refund for shipping.

Now, I know what you are thinking... "yeah Kerry, that is awesome, but you have like nothing on your website". Oh don't be silly... I posted new things everyday last week!! There are earrings HERE & HERE. There are new necklaces HERE and HERE. There are bracelets HERE. PLUS... I plan on having new Bead Box Beads by the end of the week!! So there are plenty of goodies to go around!!

A little about the ornament itself... SouleMama is a blog I check out daily. I love Amanda's photograph and creative approach to life. HERE she shared about some of the holiday projects her and her little ones are working on. I loved the little stackable fabric Christmas Tree her son made for the table. I clicked the link to the Stacking Fabric Tree Tutorial, it looked easy-peasy. When I was out and about getting some paintable wooden ornaments for the kids at JoAnn Fabrics, I grabbed 3 fun fat quarters just for these. Our family exchanges handmade ornaments every year, so I knew I would make a much smaller version of the project. I think they turned out so cute!!

I wanna say a quick, yet HUGE, thanks for all your thoughtful posts this weekend about my idea of creating a "line". I think you all hit the nail on the head with "what could it hurt to give it a try". So that is the new plan!! I will spend the winter designing and creating the line and launch it late winter for early spring/summer. I'll still be making other jewelry as we go along too. Hopefully it is a win/win for everyone!!

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