Thursday, December 13, 2007

Piece by piece

This week has turned into crafting central!! My Stars!! Is this an art bead blog or a craft one? I hope you'll bear with me while I let other things take over my creativity until the 25th.

I have projects all other the place. I feel like I am in a creation tidal wave. I have my secret knitting project for a mystery recipient going. And as I knitted the other day, I decided that I don't just want to make things for the usual people that I make for (Mom, Dad & Sister), I want to make things for Ron & the kids too. Things that aren't from Santa... things that MOM made special because she loves them.

So, I started to crochet Lauren a poncho. I am modifying a pattern I found online to make it little girl size. It is a wonderful purple color (I'll share pics when it is done) and I think I'll be adding a yummy glass button to it. And I have decided to make the boys pajama pants. I usually get them each a couple pairs from Old Navy, but there is no reason I can't do it myself. For Ron, he is tougher. I haven't really narrowed that one down yet. I am thinking maybe matching PJ pants to go with the boys'.

I know what you are thinking... "Kerry, what does matching pjs and a poncho have to do with these quilt pictures?" These are what I spent my morning doing with my Mom. She come by earlier and we spent a few hours piecing together the face of a quilt she is working on. She had all the blocks ready and we sewed them together, adding all the edging. I love my multicolored pins don't you?

All this making of things has me wondering what kind of homemade projects you all are working on? Drop me a comment and let us know! Are you making your own Christmas cards this year? Are all your sisters getting pretty jewelry you made? Did you knit or crochet some goodies? Are you painting your own Christmas village houses? Don't worry, I don't blame you if you are having a store bought Christmas! Goodness knows I have made more trips to Target in the past 2 weeks then I would like to count and I don't even want to know what the credit card bill is going to look like!!


leslie g. said...

Did you HAVE to mention credit card bill?? I try not to think of it until AFTER new years....I know, "denial". Anyway, I made my mother a bracelet....or, I should say, I attempted to make a playground bracelet for her Kerry! Let us not dwell on what it looks like shall we, it is the tought that counts. Other than that, I have made about 4 dozen (no joke) mothers/grandmothers rings at the request of friends for their presents! Well wishes to you on all of your creating adventures!

Kerry said...

I don't even want ot hear it... Playgrounds are EASY... you just have trouble with the knot, right? They are a bugger, I know. But you can do it!!

How long have you been reading my blog Leslie? Have you heard me talk about what my hubby is like? I love him to death, he is a sweetheart!! But a mizer too... hates, hates, hates to spend money. I have no choice about when I think about the cc bill!! LOL!!He has it front and center in my head.

Michele H said...

I can relate to the credit card thing. We are on an ultra tight austerity budget because my 12 year old gets braces in January and we have to front the $4800! Gulp! So looking at your stuff online and your wishlist was pure torture. ;-)

Kerry said...

Ugh, to braces! Especially at the holidays!!

Honestly, we have never been big holiday spenders. The kids are at an age where we can keep things smallish. We try to keep spending around $150 p/kid. Then around $50 each for parents, siblings and in-laws. It adds up fast.

Leslie said...

Well, my CC is maxed out before I even started shopping! UGH! I went to Old Navy yesterday because that is the only other CC I have. Good Lord!

I'm a MAD crocheter so I've been doing lots of gifts with yarn this year: felted coasters, hats, scarves, turtleneck doggie sweaters, small change purses made from felted sweaters, felted bangles made from knitted I-cords, kitty blankets in granny square and log cabin style, soap bags, washcloths, kitchen scrubbies.....

I'm sure I forgot SOMEthing! Hey Kerry, you have to sign up for Ravelry! is the place where you can get the most awesome patterns and help with knitting and/or crochet. You have to wait to be invited on right now but, if I were you, I'd get on the list. It's a crazy mad place and you can get all kinds of help.

I, too, have spent some time with my mom this week "doing the Christmas thing." We decorated her tree and crocheted (she knitted) together, went out shopping and blast! I need to do that more often because, one of these days, she won't be here to play with.

Have a great weekend!
Leslie (the OTHER one!)