Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Favorites

Everyone else is doing it, so I guess I should too, lol. No, I wouldn't jump off a bridge too. But suggestions for blog topics are always welcome things. :) Lots of bloggers are sharing their favorite holiday things and I figure I should share too.

My favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story with It's A Wonderful Life a close second. Though, for some reason, the movie Jack Frost always makes me cry. Poor kid with his harmonica wishing his dad would come back after he dies in a car accident.... it is enough to make anyone shed a tear or too. LOL.

My favorite holiday beverage is Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks. I love peppermint... peppermint is my favorite. I would bath in peppermint if I could. I want a peppermint plant (do those even exist?). And right up there with peppermint with Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls. I freaking love those things. I could eat a hundred. You know those... a ball of peanut butter dipped in chocolate, chilled and served on cookie dishes. Yummy.

My favorite holiday gift I have ever gotten... tough one. I remember so many!! There was the New Kids on the Block tee shirt when I was 10. There were those homemade pj pants from my Mom a few years back made out of Valentine's fabric (I am a Valentine's baby, remember), they were so warm and snugglely. Oh, Ron got me that towel bar one time (insert eye rolling here). I am teasing him. My most favorite thing Ron ever made me was the glass rod holder for my desk. That was the year he really embraced the idea that I might be able to make this glass thing work. And that was a huge gift.

My favorite holiday song... the Trans-Siberian Orchestra one... that one with the electric guitars... I always forget the name of it... I think it is the bells song. Love that one.

Hmmm.... movies, food, gifts and music... any other favorites I should have included? I mean there is silly things and sappy things, of course. I love the sound of the kids sneaking down the hall in the morning to see if Santa came. I love seeing what is in my stocking. I love it when it snows. I love the kid-made ornaments that come home from school. I love trying to stump my Dad on what is in his gift... he always seems to be able to guess.

I would love to hear your favorites... leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo! I have an aunt who makes homemade peanut butter balls. (is there any other kind?) She puts rice crispies in hers! I should really learn how to make them.

Anonymous said...

yes, there are mint plants...i found one a few years ago that was peppermint pineapple and it really smelled of pineapple. really good in iced tea.

favorites...not really into it. just trying to get through each day. just diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with arthritis and spurring, in the neck. i really need a break. i already have an inoperable tumor on the other end of my spine!!! yuck. sorry for the downer. your blog is a bright spot in my day!!!! sincerely, lisa

ellen said...

The only day out of the entire year that my dad ever wore a bathrobe was cmas. We had to wait until he put the dang thing on before we could go downstairs. Naturally, he took his time!
Mom would put our stockings outside our closed bedroom doors really early in the morning and we were allowed to open the door and dig in. I remember listening to hear the slight tinkle of the bells on the stocking as she laid them down.

WillowLuna said...

We have a peppermint plant. If it comes back this year, I'll give you a cutting from it. Mint is VERY invasive, though, so keep it in a pot, not the ground. (Or a pot in the ground!)