Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Playground Evolution

I have been thinking for some time now that I needed a way to take my Playground bracelets (and necklaces) to the next level. Why, you say? For one... doing the same thing endlessly is boring. It has been a year since my 1st Playground piece. Another good reason, with the article out in Step By Step Beads, they are sure to be springing up all over the place. It is time to give them a new look.

It has popped into my head a few times that I should some how add wire to the mix. It has been popping in my head for about 3-4 months now, lol. Hey, I have been busy!! Over the weekend I was working on Bead Box Beads. Yesterday, when I went to the kiln to pull out the beads from Sunday, there was a full set of discs. I had intended to put them in the Bead Box, but something about them said "no Kerry, you wanna use us... you love us too much... don't let anyone else have us...". How can you tell talking beads no?

So, I started this bracelet the same way I do all my Playgrounds, with the button knot clasp loop. And then I started making 2 inch long coils of colored wire on BIG mandrels. I had to use a larger mandrel so that the cording would slide in easy. As I was knotting things on, I thought "hey, I should put jump ring on to add dangles... oh or add discs on their sides!!" And I did. Funny how not planning ahead goes though. When I made the beads they were a set for someone to buy, not for this bracelet. So I had made an even dozen. But I realized about 1/2 way through the bracelet that this new design needs about 18-19 beads. Luckily I had some spares on my desk that worked as the filler I needed.

The colors are fun. I used transparent dark lavender (which is nightmare to photograph, it looks gray under my 5000K lights), opaque lavender, turquoise, gray and transparent gray too. Where did the color combo come from? I think I have used it before, actually. BUT, I will give some credit to someone else... you know on Etsy how you "heart" people. I found the coolest glass artist who hearts me and I hearted her back. She has fabulous jewelry... check out Kristin Perkins Glass. She had THESE earrings with lavender, turquoise and sage. I replaced the sage with gray and ta da... my color combo. Kinda reminds me of THESE I made in February.

Oh, something else I should tell you... these aren't going to be the color for the Bead Box update, lol. Oops. I changed my mind. It is okay. I hadn't made a ton of beads in these colors... just a couple. And I am not thrilled with the other ones. Yesterday afternoon when I set to torching, I decided to pull out my BRIGHTS. That is what you all said you wanted anyway... remember the last update? Because of the sudden change in color plans, and because I am out of O2 again, I am going to plan on doing the Bead Box update on Monday. I'll share some previews later in the week. :) I'll give you a hint though... I am using the patterns on a painted project last May as the inspiration.

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