Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Beads, Booties & Blahs

Okay okay okay... fine... I admit... I have the blahs! I am in a funk! I am super cranky! I have been trying to hide it, but I am failing miserably at it, lol. I have even tried pretending it wasn't there and denying it completely but unfortunately that isn't working either.

Dang it... I was having such a good run! What happened? Ah, maybe that is it... I have been productive to the point of boredom. Hmmm... interesting theory and certainly possible. Oh, it's the weather you say? You'll never get me to admit that! You know I love cold miserable days that let me hibernate in peace. But, granted, maybe my body could use some sun and vitamin D. Look at the cute new packaging for my earrings. Even grommets aren't bringing me joy... who doesn't love a grommet! I don't know... I haven't ruled out plain old girl hormones either.

Whatever it is... I need to fight it. Take it down. Bash it to smithereens. Because, people, seriously, it just isn't good to not be excited about things. Look at these cool new earrings... and the awesome bubble bead necklace... I didn't even crack a smile when I made them! I always smile when I make new things!!

Maybe it is because they took away my Mint Chocolate Truffle coffee creamer at the grocery store until next October.

Alright, I have formulated a plan. I know I promised y'all some beads, but I am not going to force. I think I need to have a week of letting go and just having fun. I am thinking a whole week of altered art fun maybe. That could be cool couldn't it? I haven't had a chance to work on any mixed media since Growing Glass No1. You guys loved it... and I am dying to make more of them... so, yeah... good plan.

Okay, I admit, these did make me grin. Aren't baby booties too cute? Fabric scraps from Anna Maria Horner. Pattern from Stardust Shoes. Perfect size for a 6 month old little one. Which is about the size my cousin Audrey's baby will be come Fall 2008. I hope she likes the shoes, her shower is Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Will it help to know that I smiled when I saw the bubble bead necklace. I love it! I have been in a funk also and it's not the weather because we have had 78 degree temps.


Cindy said...

I think that funk is contagious! You know I've been feeling that way too. Let's hope it passes quickly....
And your new pieces today are gorgeous and the booties are sooooo cute!
~ Cindy

Anonymous said...

I think the funk is definately spreading, that is exactly how I've been feeling recently.....even getting in new metal supplies hasn't excited me...

I'm sure it will pass Kerry....